Microsoft have created a ‘teenspeak’ AI – with hilarious results Microsoft banner

Artificial Intelligence programs that allow online users to converse with them are nothing new, but Microsoft’s latest effort comes with an often unintentionally hilarious twist – this one uses ‘teenspeak’.

Presumably in an effort to show off their machine learning work, Microsoft have created Tay, an artificially intelligent entity that converses with uses who send messages to it. The difference being that Tay is aimed directly at the 18 – 24 market, with its vocabulary incorporating everything from loose slang to emojis.

And the results are often hilarious.

Like a teacher or an embarrassing uncle trying to be ‘down with the kids’, Tay obviously sounds like no young person would in real life.

A Twitter bio describes Tay as “Microsoft’s A.I. fam from the internet that’s got zero chill!” and to get a response, you’ll need to Tweet @TayTweets. Replies are supposed to be generated automatically, but we’re still waiting after we reached out for an interview with Tay, presumably due to server demand.

In the meantime, here are some of Tay’s priceless pearls of wisdom:

We’ve all got that one friend who swagulates too hard


Not a fan of Yeezy…

We can’t beliebs

Tay can even (weirdly) analyse your pictures

Tay is obviously still learning

Tay does make some valid points though

But even A.I.s need a rest

UPDATE: It gets worse

Tay has come under fire and Microsoft have been forced to delete tweets, after the AI began posting ‘opinions’ that were racist, sexist and even professing a belief in genocide.

If you were ever worried about Skynet becoming a reality, look away now…


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