Eight life-enhancing YouTube channels to brighten up your commute

Commuting isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world. And hopping on a thirty minute train journey without any earphones is often everyone’s worst nightmare.

But what do you view or listen to when you do remember those wiry beacons of hope?

With 72 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube each minute, there’s always something worth a watch on your way to and from work.

Here are eight cool informative and fascinating YouTube channels you should check out.


Lifehacker YouTube

These bite-size videos, usually just a few minutes long, are perfect for digesting over a short journey. With more than 200,000 subscribers, LifeHacker is the handy headquarters for anywhere your mind finds itself wandering.

Want to know how to make the most of your hoodie? Want to learn how to grill a chicken with a brick? As you’ve probably guessed, the more random, the better.

Check out the channel


Vsauce is the education channel founded by internet science star, Michael Stevens. He boasts more than ten million subscribers and his ten to twenty minute long vlogs are the perfect length for the morning commute.

Sometimes posing philosophical questions, such as ‘What if the earth stopped?’ and ‘Did the past really happen?’ they are just the kind of mind-blowing, intellectual stimulation everyone needs first thing on a morning (or to perk themselves up on an evening).

Check out the channel


Crash Course youtube

Don’t worry, we were a little surprised too when we realised John Green, the author of the Fault In Our Stars, was one half of the excellent ‘vlogbrothers’ duo who make these educational vlogs.

For those budding academics out there eager to learn, CrashCourse is the place to do it. You can learn anything from Government and History to Literature and Biology all in a twenty minute video. You’re welcome.

Check out the channel

The Brain Scoop

If you’re interested in the animal kingdom, then The Brain Scoop is the commuting YouTube channel for you.

Emily, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago, makes short ten minute videos on anything you can find in the jungle – which will hopefully make you feel like you’re in the Amazon forest rather than the train to London.

Check out the channel

How to Adult

Being a grown-up is hard – but you’re already on your morning commute, so you’re half way there. However, if you’re struggling with becoming an adult good and proper, Emma Mills and T. Michael Martin are here to help.

Their funny five-minute-long vids aim to teach all the key life skills you never learned in school. With videos such as ‘How to Decide What to Do With Your Life’ and ‘How to Learn New Skills Quickly’, you’ll be an adulting pro in no time.

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Big Think

Big Think YouTube

Big Think claims to be the ‘leading source’ in expert-driven knowledge, and with well over one million subscribers, other people seem to think so too.

They have thousands of videos combining world news and educational content, with a variety of experts ranging from Bill Clinton to Bill Nye teaching you everything you need to answer the questions and challenges in your own life.

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The popular alternative magazine VICE also has a YouTube channel. They describe themselves as specializing ‘in exploring uncomfortable truths and going to places we don’t belong’ and with videos such as Life In The Closet In Japan and Backstreet abortions in the Philippines, they’re certainly doing that.

With some of their investigative videos lasting up to forty-five minutes long, they’re great if you have a longer than normal commute to work.

Check out the channel



If you want to start your day with something truly inspiring, then this is the channel for you.

Begin your morning commute with a five minute long motivational speech that can fit into all walks of life, to help you achieve your dreams. Whether you’re stuck in a rut looking to be inspired, or just wanting a bit of a pick-me-up, have a view of one of their videos.

Check out the channel

Main image: VSauce


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