Star Wars fans go mad for Mon Mothma in Rogue One
Mon Mothma

Unless you were busy making the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs yesterday, you wouldn’t have been able to avoid the giddy hysteria surrounding the first Star Wars Rogue One trailer.

Things initially started with a short teaser the previous night – but things reached ridiculous levels of Star Wars hype when we were finally offered up a proper glorious taste of the sci-fi adventure spin-off movie.

Among all the love for AT-ATS, bad-ass female spies and Forest Whitaker though, there was one woman in white who completely stole the show.

Mon. F***ing. Mothma.

For those maybe confused by the Mothma love, the character initially appeared as a Rebel Alliance political leader in Return of the Jedi – presenting the tactical plan to down the Empire alongside fish-headed Admiral Ackbar.

As we know from recent sad news, Star Wars fans love an iconic supporting character. And it seems the re-appearance of Mon Motha here was the trailer’s highlight for many.

Something about the pin-point casting (actress Genevieve O’Reilly makes a VERY convincing Caroline Blackiston) as well as that Seventies-style flowing dress seemed to send fans into a frenzy of Mothma-mania:

Even the Rogue One script-writer seemed to be taken aback by the love for the character:

Many Bothans died to bring us all this Mon Mothma fan power.

Watch the teaser trailer now:


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