All the Star Wars secrets we want cleared up by the Force Awakens Blu-ray
star wars the force awakens

It’s now less than a week until The Force Awakens is released on Blu-Ray DVD, and we think it’s fair to say that the entire Star Wars community is practically buzzing at the thought of re-living Rey’s adventures and laughing at Kylo Ren’s teenage-tantrums.

It was decided long ago that you can never officially watch Star Wars too many times, but there are some plot-points we’re eager to have cleared up on the DVD extras and deleted scenes, so here are the most burning questions we have about the seventh force-driven sci-fi blockbuster.

(Warning: plot spoilers ahead)

Where did Luke’s lightsaber come from?

Luke's lightsaber

Every Star Wars fan and their mother will know that Luke’s lightsaber, last seen plummeting to the bottom of Cloud City after being dismembered with Skywalker’s right hand, had absolutely no right turning up in The Force Awakens – but it did.

And unfortunately, we don’t think Maz Kantana’s: “a good question, for another time” statement isn’t enough of an explanation, given the seemingly implausibility of that happening.

Sort it, with a single deleted scene.

Who is ‘Captain Phasma’?


One question Mr. Abrams: who is ‘Captain Phasma’ and why was she in The Force Awakens at all?

Honestly, you could have gone to the toilet and missed Phasma’s cameo completely, with a total screen-time equalling that of an extra at best.

We want to know more about Phasma, and her role in the rise of The First Order, as well as her combat prowess.

Maybe this is one Stormtrooper who can actually hit her shots on a regular basis, although she won’t be doing much of that in the trash shoot that Han and Finn throw her down.

Long story short: give Phasma a reason to exist.

Why is Poe here?

Poe Dameron

Many people have likened new-kid fly boy Poe Dameron to the early amalgamations of classic cool-guy Han Solo, but it’s not as if we really learned anything about Poe’s character in the regular length movie.

We want a few deleted scenes that give us some kind of background on Dameron, so we can really start to get invested in the character, and replace the void left by (ahem) certain happenings in the last movie.

Extensive history might be a bit far, but maybe just a couple of general chit-chat scenes would be nice, so we can actually get a handle on who Poe is.

What made Kylo Ren defect?

Kylo Ren forest

Maybe it’s being saved as ammunition for the next two movies, and that’s fair enough, but can we have a little teaser as to what made Kylo Ren (aka Solo Jr) surrender to the Dark Side once and for all?

Did he fall victim to promises of power? Did he throw a teenage tantrum at having to tidy his room? Did Chewbacca steal his favourite Slipknot CD?

With the limited information that Abrams gave us, it seriously could be any of these peculiar possibilities.

Why was R2-D2 napping?

R2-D2 The Force Awakens

Why, oh why, was R2-D2 sleeping throughout the seventh movie? People claim to have found logical reasoning in vague theories, but why don’t we just clear up all of the controversy by showing the exact nature of R2’s comatose state with a deleted scene?

We’re not buying that he “was just so upset when Luke left”. Come on, he had C3PO and those two are basically BFFs. So the emotional impact (oh yeah, droids have emotions in the Star Wars universe guys) should have at least been dampened – enough to stop him from committing robot suicide and shutting himself off, anyway.


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