Five weird food trends we want to hit the UK now
Sushi Burger

Remember the time that ‘dog cafe’ opened in Los Angeles? No? It’s just one of many weird food trends taking over the world, as Britain metaphorically looks on, clutching its wilting cheese sandwich.

Fingers crossed some of these strangely delicious foodie fads hit our shores soon, because they’re making us hungry already.

Bacon doughnuts

It may sound like an odd combination, but these savoury-styled doughtnuts have been touted as one of 2016’s biggest food trends.

It’s probably not the healthiest choice of breakfast foods, what with all its saturated fats and sugar coating, but just look at it! How can you turn down fried bacon and battered patisserie?

Probably should hold the ketchup though, for our taste buds’ sake.

Grasshopper tacos

Grasshopper #Tacos in #Washington #DC. #foodporn #mexicanfood #travelgram #taco

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Chapulines, as they’re known in the native Mexican tongue, are a certain breed of scrumptious insects that are known to be eaten on tacos in certain parts of Mexico.

Believe it or not, the unusual delicacy is spreading across America, and could soon arrive in the UK.

It may sounds strange at first, so we’ll forgive you for questioning our judgement here, but trust us, it tastes much better than it sounds.

Poke salads

Ferraros Ahi Poke Salad with local caught Ahi and avocado #FSMaui #FSTaste #FourSeasons

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No one does salads like the Hawaiians, as this mixed fresh-fish salad proves. The dish is usually served with combination of tuna, octopus, and avocado, with token fresh lettuce and tasty dressings.

It’s basically sushi put into a salad, so you’re conscience should have no qualms with eating this perfectly healthy meal, although you may have to balance out that good behaviour with a couple of bacon doughnuts, just to make yourself feel better.

Savoury ice cream

When most people think of ice cream, hints of strawberry and vanilla populate the mind, which is fair enough, because we’re not completely unfamiliar with the classic 99 with a flake ourselves, but there’s an ever growing trend that’s looking to convert people to the ‘savoury’ side of the frozen treat.

Lime? Bacon? Avocado? These are the ice cream flavours of the future.

Sushi burger

A sushi burger! 😱 who would eat this? 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

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A fusion of two of the greatest food stuff of all time (sushi and the burger) have been melded together by some genius food-scientist, it seems, and the resulting trend has swept American social media.

It’s basically a sushi sandwich, but instead of bread bookending the fish, it’s just more sushi.

There’s basically no downside to eating this.


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