Six of the best celebrity lip sync battles on the internet
Stephen Merchant lip sync battle

Lip sync battles are practically a phenomenon in modern day society, although the popularity of this comedy music mash-up fad has been challenged of late by James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.

Jimmy Fallon’s lip syncs are still absolutely legendary though, and here’s our picks of the bunch.

The Rock – Shake It Off

Mixing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with Taylor Swift feels like mixing Lamb of God with the Tooth Fairy. Having said that, the former WWF World Heavyweight Champion and the only man we’ll ever watch Fast & Furious for.

Channing Tatum – Let It Go

Personally, we think Channing Tatum does it much better than Elsa, although the dress certainly doesn’t fit him quite as well. Those dance moves could be straight out of Magic Mike.

Anne Hathaway – Wrecking Ball

Straight out of Le Mis, and into the lip sync battle, and Anne Hathaway puts in another perfect performance. You really feel like she did in fact ‘come in like a wrecking ball’, as she paints a vivid picture, of a heart tortured by love.

The giant foam wrecking ball just made it.

Will Ferrell – Drunk in Love

What’s the difference between Will Ferrell and Beyonce? Nothing. There is no difference between Will Ferrell and Beyonce, the evidence being the comedian’s pinpoint rendition of ‘Drunk in Love’ which we think is absolutely fantastic.

Paul Rudd – Better Be Good To Me

Paul Rudd yet again proves that he is maybe the most awesome guy on the planet, with dazzling dance moves and fantastic lip action. Even before his Freddie Mercury imitation, he won this battle. Hell, he won all the battles.

Stephen Merchant – Dirty

Yes, he wore a Union Jack vest, and yes, he also wore leather trousers with the cheek pieces cut out, and yes, he really did get down and dirty to Christina Aguilera’s pop anthem.

What an effort.


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