Five Glasgow board games that need to be made ASAP
Glasgow's Duke of Wellington

While sometimes you just can’t beat a classic game of Trivial Pursuit, it’s always nice to get a fresh take on things.

We’ve had our own Monopoly set for years and we may have recently got our very own Lego set but, frankly, it’s not enough. We want more. And we deserve it.

Here are ten Glasgow board games that need to be made ASAP.

Weegie Articulate

In the Glasgow version of this classic game, categories such as Nature, People and Random would be replaced with things like Swally, Troops and Banter.

Using only Glasgow’s unique mother tongue to describe the named objects, of course.

Geez a clue

The Glaswegian version of Cluedo. Instead of in the board room with a candle stick, it’s in the Barras with a bottle of Buckie. Whodunnit? It wisnae me.

Jakey Jenga*

Jake Jenga would basically involve stacking up a load of beer cans into a pyramid shape and removing them one by one. If it falls, you down it in true jakey style.

*Just to be clear, we’re not calling the gentleman in this picture a jake. Just using his wonderful beer can pyramid to illustrate how the game could play out.

Patter Merchant

Patter Merchant is basically Scrabble but using only Glaswegian words and phrases. Automatic triple word score for getting in any of the best Glaswegian insults or comments. 

Did ye aye?

Did Ye Aye Willy Wonka Meme

Rather than Game of Life, we’ve got a Game of Lies. This simple game involves choosing from a selection of lies and truths and trying to convince your fellow players that what you are saying is true.

You have one minute to convince them and if they don’t believe you, they can stop you at any point with a Kevin Bridge’s style “Did ye, aye?” If it’s a lie, they win. If it’s a truth, you win. Simple.

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