Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool: the early verdict

Well well well, music fans. It’s finally here. Months of speculation, the deletion of an internet presence and surprise new track releases have all culminated in the release of Radiohead‘s ninth studio LP, A Moon Shaped Pool.

The band released the new album on to the internet last night (April 8) at 7pm, having only officially announced its existence two days prior, and predictably it’s been in rotation on just about every pair of headphones in the country since.

The world has had just over 12 hours to listen to the record, so what’s the initial verdict on Thom Yorke and co’s latest effort?

Music fans have been divided on Twitter (but what doesn’t divide people on Twitter?), with some calling it ‘just amazing’, while others are lambasting it for being boring or bland.

Let’s take a look at what users of the social media giant have to say:

The good

The bad

And the unsure

Outside of the Twittersphere, the general consensus from the music press seems to be that while A Moon Shaped Pool is good (great even), it doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel for Radiohead, a band with which the word ‘experimentation’ goes hand in hand.

Although, even the most straightforward Radiohead track is a damn sight more interesting than most anything else in music.

The Guardian‘s Alexis Petridis said it “sounds like Radiohead achieving something they’ve never achieved before, a quarter of a century into their career,” while The Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick says it represents the band “at their least bloodthirsty and most accessible, but there are depths and riches here to suggest a work of total self-assurance”:

“It is an album you could grow to love more with every listen.”

We may have to wait a little while before we get a full consensus on whether Radiohead’s new album is genius or not, as The Wall Street Journal‘s Jim Fusilli notes:

A Moon Spaced Pool is too opulent a work to be evaluated instantly… one suspects the album will blossom with repeated listenings.”

But what do you think of the new Radiohead album? The best thing they’ve ever done? Or just another bland and boring record?

Have your say now:


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