Katie Hopkins’ sausage – and other cringe-inducing celebrity pledges
Paddy Ashdown hat cake

“If X happens, I’ll do X!”

Celebrities are celebrities because they stay in the limelight. They know how to remain current, how to trend, and how to ensure people talk about them.

Sometimes, whether intentionally or not however, they make incredibly foolish pledges about things they’ll do if some supposedly ridiculous event actually comes to pass.

Here are several celebs who really should have kept their mouths closed.

Katie Hopkins’ sausage

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has done it again. Not content to be out of the limelight for long, she posted this tweet before the London mayoral election:

Well, the butchers of England had better get their sausages cooked – because Sadiq Khan did indeed win the election. Seemingly a woman of her word, Katie keeps insisting on Twitter that she is going to go ahead with the plan. Details of when it will happen have not yet been confirmed but expect a high turnout.

Can’t say we’re looking forward to seeing it happen ourselves.

Gary Lineker’s pants

Gary Lineker pants poster

The impossible has happened: Leicester City have won the Premier League. The Midlands team have beaten their far richer rivals to take home the trophy.

Nobody thought they would be alive to witness such a miracle. The odds were 5000/1 at the start of the season for Leicester to win. But the impossible soon started to look very possible. Some people let the euphoria get to their head a little too early. In December 2015, Gary Lineker tweeted:

Making a statement like that is a bold move and one that Gary may come to regret.

Now that Leicester have been crowned the kings of English football, everybody is expecting Links to keep his word. Even the Prime Minister said in the House of Commons that Gary should “absolutely” stick to his promise:

Whether or not he will do so remains to be seen. Let’s just hope his pants will be clean.

Paddy Ashdown’s hat

The General Election in 2015 gave us many great moments. Ed Miliband and his stone tablet, David Cameron getting ‘pumped up’, and Paddy Ashdown declaring he would eat his hat if the Tories won a majority.

That’s right. On election night, while speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Neil, Ashdown said:

“If this exit poll is right, Andrew, I will publicly eat my hat on your programme.”

Never underestimate the power of exit polls, Paddy.


Although Paddy did carry on the joke in a sporting manner, he never actually got round to eating his hat. But the people wanted to see the promise fulfilled. There was even a parody account created on Twitter called ‘@paddyshat’, which garnered nearly 10,000 followers.

So it was that when he appeared on the BBC’s Question Time, they made him a special cake.

Paddy Ashdown hat cake

Don’t worry, Alistair Campbell got a baked kilt to eat too.

Kanye West on Tidal

Kanye West video game


Kanye loves making grand statements and generally lives life constantly announcing all the ways in which he is the greatest person ever. When he released his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, he loftily declared:

Soon after, however, many people found it readily available on other streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music. D’oh!

One fan has even reportedly decided to sue Kanye for allegedly ‘tricking fans’ into signing up for Tidal. So far Kanye has not responded to the situation, but there’s no doubt that when he does, we will all hear about it.

Piers Morgan back to America

Piers Morgan


Piers Morgan often causes a stir with his controversial statemen. During the Scottish referendum in September 2014, the Scottish people were asked: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

Piers decided to come up with his own tactics to convince the Scots. He tweeted:

It seems the people of bonnie Scotland thought this was a promise worth listening to, as the country overwhelmingly voted ‘No’. So did that mean Piers left the country? Yes, if this tweet is anything to go by:

Cheers, Scotland. Speaking as someone South of the Border, we’d rather have you than him!


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