Seven ultra mysterious albums to look forward to

In this day and age, bands and artists’ every move gets covered on social media and in the press.

It means that for the most part, we all know about a new album months before it’s even released.

There are exceptions to the rule of course, and we also live in the age of the surprise album drop: where artists uploaded their new material at a moment’s notice. We’ve seen it recently from Beyoncé, Radiohead and Kanye West.

Maybe the following albums will be taking us by surprise in the next few weeks then. But for now, here are seven of the best expected albums that are still a complete mystery to us:

The Stone Roses

Is the third coming upon us … @thestoneroses._ #stoneroses #mani #reni #johnsquire #ianbrown #lemons #manchester

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Mystery surrounds the new Stone Roses album, which we know is definitely happening because Ian Brown has told everybody so.

But while we know it’s happening, that is literally all we do know. What it sounds like, when it’ll be out… all complete mysteries.

Although some interesting developments have come to light. Earlier today (May 10), it was reported that the band’s famous lemon logo had been showing up on billboard’s around Manchester.

It ties in with reports that bassist Mani allegedly told an enquiring fan that a new single would be out ‘sometimes this week’ and to ‘keep listening to the radio’. So new material might be closer than we think.

When it does come to light, it will be the band’s first album in 22 years. Wow.

New Stone Roses album: eight things we want

The XX

Winter studio hibernation. xx The xx

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Back in December last year, The XX took to social media with a black and white photo and the words “Winter studio hibernation.” With those three words, they more or less confirmed work had begun on the follow-up to 2012’s Coexist.

It wasn’t the first time we’d heard studio murmurs from the band; about a year ago the band’s Instagram showed all three members at work with producer Rodaidh McDonald at a studio in Texas.

That was probably put on the back-burner when Jamie xx released In Colour, and had a summer all to himself with one of the best albums of 2015. We’re still waiting on more concrete proof of 2016’s anticipated third album.

The xx confirm new music for 2016

Kanye West

Your copy of The Life of Pablo may still have that new record smell, but Kanye‘s not resting on his laurels. He may have only just surprised released one album, tweaked it, and then released it again, but already he seems to be following it up with work on his next project.

Of course, coming from Kanye’s Twitter, it’s probably best to take that with a pinch of salt, but the divisive rap star has already stated he’s begun work on follow up record Turbo Grafx 16.

The whole thing came in the midst of a bizarre Twitter rant on the Grammys of all things, so it’s unclear whether there is truth to the claims or not. But as always with Kanye, the world’s eyes will be on his every move.

The Strokes

It’s been three years since we last saw a Strokes album (2013’s admittedly-a-bit-naff Comedown Machine), so we’re ripe for another one from the New Yorkers.

It was five years between third album First Impressions of Earth and 2011’s Angles following a pretty well publicised spat between just about everyone in the band, but they’ve since made up and are turning out records semi-regularly again.

With summer festival dates confirmed for this year around the globe and confirmation of studio time a few months ago (see above), 2016 looks set for their sixth studio album proper.

The Strokes are officially recording a new album



Jason Pierce’s long running project hasn’t put out an album in four years (not since 2012’s Sweet Heart Sweet Light), so fans will be clamouring for something from the space-rock pioneer.

In January last year he revealed he was enlisting Killing Joke’s YOUTH to produce an eighth studio album, and the pair later started work at YOUTH’s London-based studio, embarking on a venture that was to be completed mid-2015 in Spain.

Since then we’ve heard nothing from Pierce, and a June 2015 interview in Uncut magazine was notable for its distinct lack of new album questions. But, Pierce is a quicker worker; with Spiritualized’s 2003 effort Amazing Gracewas recorded in just three weeks.

Sigur Rós


The Icelandic soundscapists are certainly taking their sweet time about things, with nary a peep from them since 2013’s Kveikur.

But Sigur Rós are being completely lazy; the band released a surprise statement last year that asked fans to “trust us on this one”, and contained such tantalising phrases as ‘new unreleased songs’ and ‘some other *new* things’. T

here’s been no official word yet, but we’ll bet something exciting is afoot.



A video posted by HAIM (@haimtheband) on

The Haim girls stormed the world with debut album Days Are Gone, but that was three years ago now.

All we’ve got so far from the LA sisters is the above Instagram clip, teasing new music and announcing “NEW SONGS, NEW SHOW. THIS SUMMER”. No need to shout!

That’s really all we know, aside from the fact that the band are now besties with Taylor Swift, a fact that is sure to have rumours cooking as to how many appearance the Canadian popstar will make on the second record…

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