11 huge summer blockbusters coming to a cinema near you

It’s not always easy to decide which films you want to fork out your wallet to go and see at the cinema, and which films you want to skip entirely and hope they disappear into oblivion.

This summer, the choice is enormous, as we’ve hand-picked not one, not two, and not even three, but eleven must-see blockbusters all coming to your closest cinema, so we’re sorry if we induce some kind of mind-numbing dilemma, but the word has to be spread.

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men apocalypse trailer

Out May 18

The X-Men universe started to get rather complicated when the mutant crime fighters began travelling in time, but for some, this has only caused more intrigue than confusion.

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were fantastic in Day’s of Future Past, so hopes will be high for another new generation of Xavier’s gifted youngsters introduced in this movie; who must pit their un-tested powers against the big blue uber-villain of the title.

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Alice Through the Looking Glass

Out May 27

Tim Burton’s 2012 rendition of Lewis Carroll’s kooky adventure into Wonderland did its job, and hopefully the sequel will bring us back to the exact same world of weird and wonderful phenomena.

Helena Bonham Carter was great as the Red Queen last time, so her return in the new movie will garner plenty of fan interest. Should be visually exciting, at the very least.


Warcraft trailer dubstep

Out June 3

It’s humans vs orcs in this CGI-laden fantasy epic, directed by Moon’s Duncan Jones. Early impressions indicate that the movie adaptation of Warcraft is staying rigidly loyal to the online gaming phenomenon’s distinctive style, so die hard fans should take solace in that.

Even if internet role-playing games aren’t your thing though, it looks like this film will cater for all kinds of viewers, with especially close attention being paid to fans of fantasy-action fare.

Independence Day: Resurgence


Out June 23

One of the biggest action-disaster movies ever made is getting a very belated sequel, as the ’90s revival rolls on. Decades on those pesky city-wrecking extraterrestrials are back – but this time humanity has alien-inspired technology to fight them with.

There’s no Will Smith this time sadly, but Liam Hemsworth and a returning Jeff Goldblum make their way into the cast of the second Independence Day movie. We look forward to lots more”shootin’ the aliens”.

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Finding Dory

finding dory

Out July 29

Finding Nemo touched the hearts of even the most stubborn movie-goers, and now Pixar have returned to the aquatic animated world with this follow-up tale.

Dory, with her short-term memory loss and ditsy but optimistic persona stole the show first time around, and she’s centre-stage now. So if you’re in the mood for both fun comedy and a bit of tear jerking drama, Finding Dory will cater for all of your family viewing needs.

Watch the heartwarming Finding Dory trailer

The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan

Out July 8

Who knows what’s going to happen in The Legend of Tarzan? It’s been so long since this story was touched, it seems like the writers have a blank slate to make their own new adventure on, which can only be a good thing. Margot Robbie stars as Jane, and Samuel L. Jackson manages to get in on the act as well – while handsome Alexander Skarsgård swings into the title role.

Cinematic retellings of classic novels have the potential to instill awe, and this looks to have top quality visuals and impressive cinematography – something we’ve come to expect from director David Yates. After the success of The Jungle Book recently, this could be another really wild thrill-ride.


Out July 15

Melissa McCarthy stars in this reboot of the goofy comedy classic, which has some VERY big shoes to fill given the immortal success of the 1984 version.

Seemingly following very similar beats to the original, it’s off-the-wall spirit-battling once again from a motley crew of varied personalities. Could this generation of Ghostbusters resonate with youngsters in exactly the same way that the ’80s version did? Only time will tell. But Paul Feig’s track record gives us hope.

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Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond trailer

Out July 22

The most recent Star Trek movies went down well; actually turning the sci-fi franchise into a household cinematic name rather than the quirky series it once was.  Zachary Quinto has been hailed as a fine Spock, and Chris Pine an excellent young Kirk, which is unusual for sci-fi fans who usually dig their heels in at the slightest sign of change.

Our hopes are set suitably high for the third instalment of the modern Star Trek franchise, particularly given its intriguing set-up of the Enterprise crew stranded on a hostile alien planet. Set phasers to hype.

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Out July 22

Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book gets a modern adaptation courtesy of legendary director Steven Spielberg.

Armed with a heartwarming story has always been easy to appreciate – as orphan Sophie befriends a kindly titan, who teams-up with her to combat his nasty, children-eating brethren – this seeming blend of edge-of-the-seat danger and eye-moistening sentimentality could be vintage family-oriented Spielberg. We’ll keep our snozzcumbers crossed.

Spielberg’s BFG gets first trailer – watch

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne

Out July 28

Matt Damon’s comeback outing as meticulous, bombastic spy Jason Bourne promises to be even more action-packed and cryptic than any of his previous efforts, with an excellent international cast and director Paul Greengrass back at the helm.

If you’re still to make the jump from Bond to Bourne, or have grown weary of 007’s antics, maybe this summer is the perfect time to give it a go.

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Suicide Squad

Out August 5

Rather than the classic ‘superhero’ movie, Suicide Squad is the first entirely focused supervillain movie, featuring only the roughest and toughest in comic-book antagonists. It’s the anti-Avengers, essentially, as a rogue’s gallery of DC bad guys – including Jared Leto’s sinister Joker – are brought together and utilised as a Dirty Dozen type operation by a secretive government agency.

Expect action, humour and explosions in spades. After watching the trailer through a couple of times, your appetite for destruction will equal that of Leto’s grinning psycho.

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