Hideo Kojima’s new game: five exciting things to expect

For gamers, the story of Hideo Kojima is a familiar one.

One of the most revered video game creators, Kojima rose to prominence with his work on the beloved Metal Gear Solid series, a franchise of games published by Konami.

But just before the launch of last year’s Metal Gear Solid V, Kojima and Konami parted ways. His name was removed from the box, and it did not seem like an amicable break-up.

Angry gif

Kojima took his know-how and reformed Kojima Productions (originally a subsidiary of Konami that was dissolved by the company during restructuring in 2015, possibly a reason for Kojima’s leaving), now technically an indie studio.

This week the studio unveiled a new logo – a stylish looking helmet/x-ray effort – and now it’s been revealed that the logo was actually the head of Ludence, the studio’s new mascot.

Whether or not Ludence has anything to do with Kojima’s next game remains to be seen, but whatever he churns out will be lapped up by gamers regardless.

Here’s what shape the master’s new creation is likely to take:

1. A PlayStation console exclusive

Metal Gear Online

Kojima has worked pretty well with PlayStation in the past. Remember, for all the cross-platform remasters, the earlier Metal Gear games began life as titles only Sony fans could get their hands on – and Kojima is once again teaming-up with the Japanese gaming giant.

It makes sense for Kojima to head back to focusing his efforts on one platform (although a PC release is being touted too), and with the PS4’s power edging its nearest competition in the Xbox One, it allows Kojima to push the technical boundaries .

2. Technical genius

metal gear solid

Speaking of which, Kojima’s games have always pushed the graphical and performance boundaries, and whatever’s next on his to-do list looks to be no different.

A statement released alongside the reveal of Ludence talks of “the new play in the new future” and making use of “cutting-edge equipment, technology, & the frontier spirit”.

We could be looking at something quite impressive.

3. It won’t be Metal Gear or Silent Hills

Silent Hills

Calm down horror fans, unfortunately we won’t be getting a full release of Kojima’s Silent Hills.

That project has been canned for now, and a recent Q&A issued by Kojima Productions clarified that Kojima’s next project would be something entirely new.

4. It’ll be a franchise


As forward thinking as Kojima has been known to be, he’s still got his eyes set on a money spinning franchise.

In the same Q&A he said: “I cannot wait to deliver, with PlayStation, a game that will become a compelling franchise.”

Looks like he’s got long term prospects then, which might be a shame to those hoping to see regular innovation from the creator, but if he could do it with Metal Gear Solid, we’re sure he can do it again.

5. It’ll be a sci-fi epic


Purely speculative at this point as there really isn’t a lot to go on, but if the Ludence mascot is any indication of Kojima’s next game thematically, we could be looking at an out and out sci-fi epic.

Kojima says Ludence is wearing an “extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit”, so could we see some amalgamation of vehicular, extra-planetary combat and… arts and crafts? It sounds pretty ludicrous, but with Kojima at the helm, anything is possible.

It won’t be anything like as naff-looking as CoD: Infinite Warfare though – that’s for sure.


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