How to create your own custom Alan Partridge gif
alan partridge

Surely, anyone who’s even vaguely interested in British TV comedy has experienced the uncontrollable urge to make an Alan Partridge gif at some point, because honestly, Steve Coogan’s awkward, desperate radio presenter is probably one of the greatest sit-com characters ever created.

Good news then, because there’s actually an entire website dedicated to the seamless creation of Partridge-related gifs, meaning all you have to do is type in your favourite memorable quote and watch the magic happen.

Alan Partridge smell my cheese you mother

Visit the website – all you have to do is type in the quote, and bob’s your uncle.

And who wouldn’t want an animated snippet of Alan Partridge shoving cheese in David Schneider’s face? That kind of thing can come in really handy, in the right circumstances.

Alan Partridge Jurassic Park

As if this wasn’t enough sit-com-ery in your life this morning, there’s also a David Brent equivalent of the website, simply named, which is absolutely fantastic.

We’re not ashamed to admit that “Jurassic Park”, was the first thing we typed into, and yes, we did audibly repeat the catchphrase when the gif came out. We’re not even ashamed.

So if you need an on-hand witty reply to some scathing Facebook comment, turn to gifs, and more specifically, Alan Partridge/David Brent gifs, because they are, surely, the masters of sharp banter.

If you’re struggling for ideas, you can always just go with the classic “AHA!”.


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