10 ways to live like a celeb for less in Leeds

It aint easy out there for us normal folk. There we are, going through the motions of our daily grind, whilst the ‘slebs of this world, famous and infamous, keep the jealousy glands going with an hour-by-hour update of how fabulous their life is on social media.

Forget them. You too can live the life of a famous right here in Leeds, and on a budget. Check out our guide to how.

Make it rain

1. Hire a chauffeur

Oh yes. Whilst Uber seem to have taken Leeds and just about every other major city in the world by storm in recent years, there’s a new boy in town promising to shake things up with an altogether classier experience. myDriver arrived in Leeds as recently as April, wowing customers with their fleet of classy cars and a very special service that will put you right in the shoes of a chauffeur-driven celebrity.

2. Tuck into some high class room service

Just like myDriver, Deliveroo waded onto the Leeds scene with aplomb, revolutionising the market by offering a home delivery service from high end restaurants that would usually have no place on a takeaway menu. Eateries as varied as Carluccio’s, My Thai, Red’s True Barbecue and The Brotherhood are all on the roster, each offering restaurant-quality grub that will be delivered to your door in a jiffy.

3. Glug champers

Toast to 2012
Champagne feels like the unobtainable drop nowadays, with bars shooting up left, right and centre, climbing over one another to present themselves as the most exclusive joint in town. Not so at The Decanter, who’s distinct lack of pretentiousness is a delight. The Park Row wine bar chucks out champers and sparkling wine at very reasonable prices, meaning you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to popping the fizzy stuff.

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4. Go ballin’ at the casino


A casual perusal of the Instagram accounts of any reality TV star suggests that celebs just love a trip to the casino, something us Loiners can easily replicate with a trip down to the Grosvenor at the bottom of town. It’s no Vegas, but the fact is that it holds all the usual niceties and a whole lot of opportunity to flutter your wonga. Minimum bets vary from day to day, but rest assured, you’ll have no million dollar raises to contend with here.

5. Delve into designer threads

OK, this one is directed more at students, but to get high end designer threads for less, you’ve got to take advantage of the Student Lock-in events thrown on at the Trinity Centre twice a year. Shops open themselves up long after hours for a mad dash of NUS card clutching students, and you can get anywhere up to 80% off brands such as Pandora, Hollister and Victoria’s Secret.

6. Do the Arena right…

Leeds Arena

Trips to the First Direct Arena are a pretty awesome event no matter what your ticket, but for that extra special touch, hospitality tickets are available at a whole lot less than you’d think, particularly for First Direct customers. There are a range of packages on offer, including pre-show meals at some of Leeds finest eateries, and they’re well worth a look.

7 …along with your nights out

There’s no secret that every bar and club from here to Wakefield offers some sort of VIP experience, and the fact is that some are more aptly named than others. Still, a cheap bottle of plonk and a seat behind a rope is sometime all it takes to make you feel strangely superior to those in the bullpen. It works for the folk on Geordie Shore, after all.

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8. Travel in first class luxury by train

Those who have sampled such a treat will know all too well that travelling first class on the train is just tremendous, especially long haul. They will also testify, however, that the whole thing can get a little pricey. It doesn’t have to be that way, as companies such as Virgin chuck out sales on the regular, with offers such as £20 first class return to the big smoke. Eat and drink until your heart’s content, my pretties.

9. …or plane

Leeds Bradford Airport is where the majority of us head to kick off our family holiday to Crete or stag weekend in Amsterdam. Whatever the occasion, it’s well worth booking ahead into the VIP Lounge, which gives you unlimited food and drink for up to two hours before your flight. When you consider the fact that it’s about £4 a pint in the adjacent bar, and that it’s a fair bit lovely in there, it’s well worth a flutter of a purple money token.

10. Scour Groupon for those top end event bargains

It’s no secret that Groupon is a veritable treasure trove for bargain-hunting folk all over the western world. Leeds and Bradford have a long standing tradition of chucking out the good stuff for less on the website, and have in the past included stays at five-star hotels, spa treatments and flash car experiences.

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