Why The Matrix 4 is clearly a brilliant idea
Screen grab: The Matrix Revolutions

They’re thinking about doing another Matrix movie, which is unequivocally and universally a great idea … definitely

Ah, Mr. Anderson, what a pleasant surprise. We weren’t expecting to see you back on the silver screen so soon.

But the ultimate, uneasy contentment we’ve all come to feel with The Matrix trilogy was broken this week, when original movie producer Joel Silver hinted at a possible fourth movie.

The Matrix how about I give you the finger

No, seriously. They’re thinking about doing another Matrix movie, which, as far as we are concerned, has absolutely no chance of crashing, and will be unequivocally and universally considered to be a fantastic film, an instant classic, and all-round cinematic celebration.


Here’s why we think The Matrix 4 is a brilliant, inspired and flawless idea.

We all love 80s/90s reboots


With the overwhelmingly positive response to the Ghostbusters reboot, we think it’s safe to say that our generation of movie goers absolutely adore reboots of popular franchises.

Surely this indicates more reboots are the future of cinema, meaning that theoretically The Matrix 4 would go down like a spare bottle opener at a student party… wouldn’t it?

Yeah, yeah it definitely would.

Trench coats are back in

Screen grab: The Matrix Revolutions

Oh aye, haven’t you heard? Trench coats are back in fashion. And not only trench coats, but full-body shiny leather suits and Japanese kimonos are about to leap back into the market – our totally expert knowledge on the world of fashion has indicated so.

The next Matrix film could kindle the resurrection of the trench coat, which, in our opinion, is a completely underrated item of clothing, fit for: cold weather, smart-casual gatherings, and suicide missions that involve hiding guns under a baggy garment and storming SWAT-filled skyscrapers.

Zion needs another cave rave

Wayne's world party on

It’s all well and good assuming that Zion, the last free human city, is now safe and sound given the machines sudden decision to leave it alone. But the streets of that once booming city must now be lined with stagnation and dullness.

Let’s have another cave rave in Zion’s gigantic underground bunker, because those legendary events are absolutely 100% safe given the secure structure of the cave (someone did check that the cave wasn’t going to collapse, didn’t they?), not at all creepy – and seemingly alcohol free.

Yeah, party on Morpheus. Spin that shizzle, or whatever.

The third movie was soooo good

Screenshot The Matrix Revolutions

Obviously, the best way to further both the critical reception of your movie franchise and increase cult/fan appeal, is to make more sequels.

Seeing as the third movie was considered such an accomplishment in terms of plot progression, we see no reason why they shouldn’t pump out another film. Because if Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that making reboots/remakes/sequels to classic movies decades after their initial release is a great idea.

We need to see Morpheus parenting

Screen grab

At some point in the hypothetical future of The Matrix universe, if the extremely subtle hints are to be believed, Morpheus and Niobe will get together, apply for a mortgage, and have kids.

How refreshing would that be? We’ve seen big bad Morpheus fearlessly stare down a highway with a rapid fire pistol at hand, brandishing a katana awaiting a violent clash with a speeding car driven by two… ghost… things, but to see him swallowed by the responsibilities of parenthood, that’d really be something.

Let’s just hope Morpheus doesn’t urge his child to play computer games with him, because from what we’ve seen of his preferred computer programs, they’re not entirely ‘kid friendly’.

Fourth movies are always the best

phantom menace

By now, the fact that the fourth movie in any given franchise is bound to be considered the best movie in that particular franchise is obvious.

Who could forget the success of The Phantom Menace, the critically acclaimed Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and of course, the film that launched Shia LaBeouf’s career as an action star, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Needless to say hopes are positively sky high for The Matrix 4.


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