Seven hidden beer gardens in Leeds you might not know exist
Sheaf St Cafeteria

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A phenomenon has occurred, that, likely as not, will not occur again for another millennium: the sun has been out on Yorkshire for longer than 20 minutes.

So, let’s not waste it. We’ve already given you some options for outdoor drinking in Leeds, but with the inevitable mad rush that comes with unexpectedly nice weather, you need to get off your backside, and dash down to one of these lesser-known watering holes.

The Angel

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Most residents of Leeds have never stumbled across The Angel pub, mainly because the establishment is hidden down a dingey dark alley halfway down Briggate. You’re less than likely to run into an old friend in this exclusive treasure trove, but if you’re looking for a place to enjoy a pint in the sun, The Angel’s hidden beer garden might be a good shout.

1 Angel Inn Yard, LS1 6LN, more info

Sheaf Street Cafeteria

With a stupidly varied menu for both day and night, Sheaf St Cafe is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a serene place to enjoy sunny Leeds, pint in hand. Smaller than other popular beer gardens, Sheaf St will provide a calm atmosphere, so if you’re looking to relax without the raucous roar of sun-drunk Yorkshirians, take note.

3 Sheaf Street, LS10 1HD, more info

Kirkstall Bridge Inn

Enjoying a pint in the sun is one thing, we always find that enjoying a pint in the sun whilst sitting beside a river has a unique allure to it. At the Kirkstall Bridge Inn, you’ll be able to experience the latter, as this renovated pub sits right on the River Aire, allowing lucky punters to enjoy the wonderful natural Yorkshire landscape while they drink themselves stupid, which is really all you can ask for in this day and age.

12 Bridge Road, LS5 3BW, more info

Mr Nobody

On the one hand, you could say that the fact that various buildings surround Mr Nobody’s beer garden, reducing the level of sunshine, ruins the point of a “beer garden”. On the other hand however, you could say that this already rather hidden (be honest, did you even know that this place existed?) bar has a certain irresistible charm that makes it a delightful destination for adventurous cocktail lovers.

163 Lower Briggate, LS1 6LY, more info

Headrow House

First there was the Belgrave Music Hall, which reigned supreme as Leeds’ “cool place to hang out” for an age. Now, their sister bar, Headrow House, is looking to snatch that crown. Granted, Belgrave’s rooftop hangout is better positioned to catch the rays, but everyone and their pet parrot is squawking about that establishment, so if you’re looking for a nigh-on identical replacement for the inevitably packed pub, head to Headrow House.

19 The Headrow, LS1 6PU, more info

Slate NQ

When The Lounge (RIP) transformed in to Slate HQ last summer, it seems like the establishment drifted put of the spotlight. It’s about time that this was remedied, we think, because in addition to the ever-changing selection of classy beers on offer in the Merrion Street pub, there are three – yes, three – separate beer gardens for punters to enjoy.

Get in there before the hordes do.

St Johns House, Merrion Street, LS2 8JE, more info

The Original Oak

Headingley-based football fans will know all too well the delights that lurk behind The Original Oak’s towering walls, but for the rest of the human race, it may be a complete mystery. Spoiler alert: behind the walls is the Oak’s back garden, which doubles up as one of the coolest beer gardens in Leeds, complete with ready-to-go barbecue station and massive projector screen for sporting events.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, we urge you to go – football or not.

2 Otley Road, LS6 2DG, more info


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