This Scottish granny performing Drake songs is essential viewing
Bette Reynolds

Think your grandparents are cool? Are they cool enough to have their own viral Vine account?

Vine user Stewart Reynolds (known as BrittleStar) is already kind of a big deal, with over 880,000 subscribers to his short comedy video sketches.

But the Canadian-based comedian recently drafted his Scottish mother Bette Reynolds onto the social media app and her accented performances of Drake lyrics became ridiculously popular.

Her take on bars from Toronto-born rapper Drake’s back catalogue have cranked up millions of views in the last few months.

And it’s easy to see why.

Here’s an expertly delivered take on ‘Energy’

And possibly the best rapping diss of all time

Not to mention a take on a modern classic (whilst drying the dishes)

The production values are impressive

There’s even a sublime reworking of Kanye West

And it doesn’t stop there with the hip-hop bangers

Long may this continue.


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