What Death Stranding might be about
Death Stranding oil

Don’t get us wrong, we love Hideo Kojima. But the Death Stranding trailer was possibly the weirdest thing we’ve seen in our lives

Having said that, our hopes are still high, given the man’s track record. You don’t make Metal Gear Solid then just lose it, do you?

Like everyone else who saw the trailer, we were completely bemused as to what Death Stranding could actually be about. At least at first.

But upon some deep reflection, we’ve managed to brainstorm a few possible directions the game’s plot could go in. Who knows, maybe we’re right…

A shipwreck

Death Stranding E3 trailer. Source: YouTube

The trailer for Kojima’s new game takes place primarily on a beach in an unknown location, as a naked Norman Reedus looks out across the ocean.

Undoubtedly, we’re all supposed to be questioning how Reedus’ character ended up on the beach, but would it be so stupid to suggest that our Norman was simply ship wrecked? Or at least sci-fi ship wrecked?

Obviously, this is a Hideo Kojima game, so we’re expecting something slightly strange, and possibly otherworldly happenings at some point. Realistically it could have been anything that stripped Norman of his clothes and plonked him on that spit of land, but you never know.

Male pregnancy


One of the weirdest things about the whole trailer was the inclusion of a new born baby laying on the beach with Reedus’ character. He obviously has some attachment to the child, as his grieving face shows.

Later in the trailer, when he stands up, we see a vivid scar on his stomach, so are we to assume that Norman Reedus was pregnant at some point before the trailer, and has had his child stolen away from him?

Or maybe, it isn’t his child at all, and is instead the prisoner who once occupied the handcuffs attached to Reedus’ arm? Reverse ageing could be an even odder twist.

Climate change

Death Stranding oil

For a naked Norman Reedus staring at a sea of beached sea-life, and at his dirty hands, see the image above.

What caused these fish to die so suddenly, we have absolutely no idea, but the black liquid that regularly pops up throughout the video looks like oil to us, so maybe Kojima is bidding for a Nobel Peace Prize with the first ever “green” video game?

A secret government conspiracy

Seems a little crazy

Kojima isn’t exactly one to shy away from lampooning the powers that be, as he proved time and time again in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Towards the end of the trailer, we see five UFOs on the horizon, all of which appear to be still. After Reedus’ character looks at them for a few seconds, they fly away, and to us, that just screams “inter-governmental conspiracy”.

Maybe Reedus is a super soldier, and the political powers in charge have imprisoned him on this beach to use him for a cloning program later in the future, hence the weird childbirth thing.




We’d like to re-iterate: we have no idea what any of this is about. The baby, the oil, the fish, the scar, the UFOs – we have absolutely no idea about any of it.

But just humour us: Reedus’ child (for the purposes of this article, we’ll call it his kid) dies on the beach. And as its spirit passes into the afterlife, Reedus sees the oily hand prints walk away.

Maybe the oil signifies a deceased spirit, and Reedus’ character is the only one who can see and/or interact with them?

Or maybe it’s all one big Kojima joke and all this has nothing to do with the actual game. Because we really wouldn’t put it past him.


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