The Battle of the Thames is a thing that actually happened

Just when you thought the EU Referendum campaign had already jumped the shark…


Clearly aware that all the billboards and speeches weren’t cutting it…

The Brexit battle got real today

On the Thames.

Your eyes don’t deceive you: this is the Brexit flotilla – Getty

Nigel Farage led the charge for Leave in a flotilla of boats sailing through London


It was part of a protest about the Common Fisheries Policy, in which the Ukip leader was joined by about 30 trawlers.

We’re not making this up.

nigel farage
Ukip leader Nigel Farage was joined by Labour MP Kate Hoey for an usual maritime alliance – PA

‘Brexit Flotilla’ had a certain ring to it

Enter Bob Geldof

bob geldof
Sir Bob Geldof adopts a “let’s have some” pose – Getty

Just when Nigel Farage thought he could sail up to Westminster with ease, he was met by a boat carrying Sir Bob Geldof, self-proclaimed admiral of the Remain fleet.

bob geldof boat

The Boomtown Rats singer’s vessel pulled alongside Farage’s boat and he called the Brexit campaigner a “fraud”.

He also tried to drown him out with a soundsystem.

The Last Leg team joined the maritime action

For some reason…


It got a bit nasty

It was most definitely a case of life definitely being stranger than fiction.

But Twitter saw the funny side


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