Eight pieces of movie advice for surviving the apocalypse
Shaun of the Dead

We don’t know about you, but things have started to feel a little wobbly across the UK

Many people woke up across the country today to the news that the majority of the UK have voted in favour of a Brexit.

Naturally, this has caused something of a widespread panic across the financial sector, with graphs of the value of the pound now resembling something from RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Bar Graph EU Referendum


If you popped your head around social media in the last few hours, you can’t help but think to yourself ‘is this the start of the apocalypse?’

Well, if it is – then it’s time to put those hours and hours of movie watching to good use. Here’s what the world of film has taught us about surviving the end of the world.

Hang on to a scientist

You never see the boffins killed off in the opening minutes of an apocalypse, do you? Buddy up with the nerdy guy with a BSC degree. He’ll see you through.

Find the perfect safe-house

Shaun of the Dead,

A fully-stocked underground bunker, a ship in international waters, or the local pub where John has a toastie-maker out the back.

Learn to do a cocky walk

Once you’ve mastered that arrogant swagger, no meteorite in all of the galaxy can take you down.

Elect a suitable president

Deep Impact Morgan Freeman

Not sure why this one suddenly feels so important…but you knew Morgan Freeman would lead you over troubled waters in the end.

Don’t count on running

Unless you have the sprinting ability of Tom Cruise, then attempting to run away from the floods, giant monster or zombie masses is probably going to end badly for you.

Invest in transport

What are you waiting for? You should be sorting your Amazon wishlist as we speak.

Stock up on good one-liners

Now is not the time to waste your best lines on a Facebook status or a measly tweet. Write down your best quips and save them for when you’re punching an extra-terrestrial in the jaw.

There’s always time travel


Guys, as bad as things may get. Never forget that a hulking Austrian is coming from the future to sort everything out eventually.


Shaun of the Dead, Winchester


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