How fictional characters are reacting to Brexit
Malcolm Tucker

It’s not just the real world that’s reacting…

The markets are down. The nation is in turmoil. But just how are Poirot and co responding to the news that the UK has voted to leave the EU?

Del Boy is scraping Paris off his fan

Del Boy's Van

Looks like it’s just New York and Peckham now, me old mucker.

Poirot is taking the EuroStar back to Belgium

Poirot train

Forget the Orient Express. It’s the chunnel for the mustachioed Monsieur.

Tintin is pleading for Snowy to be given back – after he was impounded


We can expect a Johnny Depp style video any day now.

Basil is busy sorting a work visa for Manuel


He may not like the little guy, but he needs him goddamnit!

Peep Show’s Jez is writing new poetry

Peep Show gif

“F*** you Farage. Get back in your garaaaage. And what about gay maraaaaage?”

Malcolm Tucker is having a meltdown

Malcolm Tucker

All the swearing and bullying in the world didn’t see the vote go his way.

Dougal is singing My Lovely Horse

Because he thinks the EU Ref and Eurovision are the same thing, apparently.


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