German DJ caught watching Euro 2016 during set
dj sven vath press shot

A German DJ has allegedly been spotted watching his team’s latest game – in the middle of a live show

Sven Väth was playing a gig at the Awakenings dance festival in the Netherlands last Sunday (June 26), but his slot clashed with Germany’s last 16 match against Slovakia.

Undeterred, the DJ seemingly set up his phone in front of his decks, found the nearest wi-fi hotspot, and started streaming the match.

An eagle-eyed photographer by the name of Mr. After Party snapped the photos, adding to the ever growing argument that due to the advance of technology, DJ’ing is becoming ‘too easy’.

Germany went on to win the game 3-0 and progress to the quarter-final stages, so Väth was presumably ecstatic.

Let’s hope some of his celebratory energy went back into his DJ-ing.

But it’s not the only time someone’s been caught watching the beautiful game at inopportune moments

At the tail end of last year, two London Borough councillors were forced to apologise after they were caught keeping up with Crystal Palace’s ‘thrilling’ 1-1 draw against Everton on an iPad during a debate.

Counciller John Wentworth told the Croydon Guardian that he had simply been “momentarily checking the score” at the time the photo was taken, while counciller Pat Ryan insisted the pair were “not ignoring what was going on”.

Perhaps even more embarrassingly (and certainly more self-indulgently), Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo was caught watching videos of himself from his team’s bench.

After being ruled out of a crucial Champions League semi-final clash against Manchester City due to injury back in April, the Portugese superstar took a few moments before the game to catch up with his thoughts while gazing out across the lush green turf of the Etihad stadium… by watching videos of his own silky skills in action:

It just goes to show that whatever your profession, you can never ignore the world’s most popular game.


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