Bon Jovi gets roped into singing at a wedding and it’s super awkward
Youtube grab

For the more modest music stars out there, we’d assume that hearing your own songs played back to you must be one of the most uncomfortable moments going.

Spare a thought then for poor ol’ Jon Bon Jovi, who was recently subjected to a smooth jazz cover of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ at a wedding he was attending, before being hassled into actually joining in.

A video of the moment – which too place at the wedding of an unamed couple from Florida – has surfaced, and it makes for some pretty uncomfortable viewing.

Knowing the singer would be in attendance, the wedding band prepared a deliberatly cheesy version of the 1986 hit at the request of the couple, hoping he would lend his talents.

He does join in after much pursuading, but doesn’t look very happy about it. Watch below:

It makes for some highly cringe-inducing viewing all round, with the rock-star looking amazingly uncomfortable throughout.

According to the Associated Press, the wedding band’s singer Lourdes Valentin spoke to the music legend before the wedding, where he informed her he didn’t want to be involved. “I was very surprised when Jon did then grace us with his talent,” she said.

Who wouldn’t want to join in on their biggest hit, especially when Richie Sambora’s exquisite guitar solo is replaced by a trumet player?!

It’s not the first time the singer has been involved with holy matrimony, as in 2013, a much more willing Bon Jovi walked an Australian fan down the ailse after a petition for him to do so picked up pace online.


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