Roxy Ball Room offer five tips for beer pong superstardom
Roxy Beer Pong

A spot of beer pong is a right of passage for any self-respecting Leeds nightlife-dweller, whether it be at Roxy Ball Room or Roxy Lanes.

We all have that one friend whose pong skills are lacking and who let the team down every single time. And if you don’t, well, we’re sorry, but it’s probably you.

But how to improve? We asked the experts at Roxy Ball Room, who gave us these top tips to beer pong superstardom.

1. Line the stomach

Roxy Burger

We all know the vicious circle that grips poor beer pong players time after time after time. Losing means more downing, downing means more losing. So our first tip is simple – prepare your stomach for the likelihood of mass Asahi consumption by lining it with good, stodgy grub. And where better than, ahem, Roxy itself? The Roxy Beast is a particular favourite.

2. Choose your technique

And stick to it! Whether you harbour a preference for the ‘swoosh’ or the ‘bounce’ technique, it’s always best to choose one and stand by it, through thick and thin. Getting your range is the first step to beer pong supremacy, and chopping and changing your angle of attack makes that considerably harder. Stand tall and stay there.

3. Aim for the front

Roxy Beer Pong
Sam Kelly Photography

The natural choice seems to be to straight for the middle, but when you think about it, it just makes sense to aim for the cups at the front early on. Choose one and focus entirely on that cup. It’s easier to find your range with the closer ones, and you can get lucky with throws with a little too much heat on it. And remember, you’d rather throw too long than too short, aiming for the back lip of your target cup is good practice.

4. It’s all in the wrist

The dominant movement in a classic beer pong throwing action should always be from the wrist. Put simply, it’s easier to keep your action consistent the fewer movements you make, so think of your elbow and wrist to be the only moveable joints in your body. Stay still, stay tall and hone that action until it’s squeaky clean and repeatable!

5. Relax and enjoy!

Roxy Beer Pong 2

As with any sport, life is a hell of a lot easier when you relax and enjoy taking part. Try to stay calm throughout, even in the final throws of a tight match, by controlling your breathing and, I dare say, ensuring your alcohol intake stays relatively continuous throughout. Oh, and trash talking your opponent can always have the opposite effect.

Beer pong balls and cups are free to hire at both Roxy Ball Room and Roxy Lanes, while the Ball Room also offers competitive guests the opportunity to play table tennis, pool and crazy golf and Lanes boasts ten pin bowling facilities. For more information, check out the Roxy Ball Room website.

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All images courtesy of Roxy Ball Room / Main image: Sam Kelly Photography