Eight secret tips for getting the most from Netflix

Let’s face it, we’re all fond of Netflix binges – but it’s great to get a little more out of the streaming service

Fortunately there are plenty of handy tips, add-ons and just general tricks of the internet which can make your Netflix experience even better.

We’ve rounded up eight useful things which will hopefully help you get down to watching some quality television and film.

1. Make a ‘Flixtape’

This new little add-on is a far better way of suggesting new shows than casually asking ‘have you seen this?’.

Flixtape takes inspiration from the cassette tape mixes we used to share of songs off the radio. Simply name your mixtape, pick out your favourite shows and films, give it a customised cover and post it out on social media. Alternatively, send it over to that special someone…

Check out Netflix Flixtape here

2. Find hidden genres

If you’re left a little uninspired by the usual, bog-standard categories that hit you on logging into your account, it could be time to try this.

Netflix’s genres can be found under the url ‘netflix.com/browse/genre/###’, and adding numbers after the forward slash opens up a world of very specific genres you wouldn’t normally see (as well as programmes you may have missed too).

There’s plenty to choose from, including ‘Art House Movies’ (29764), ‘Steamy Thrillers’ (972) or even ‘Goofy Movies starring John Candy'(19).

A full list of Netflix genres can be found on ogres-crypt.com

3. Add some proper ratings


Chrome web store

While we do love our fellow streaming brethren, we know they can’t be trusted to give a film a proper star rating. But NEnhancer, a Google Chrome plug-in, automatically adds the IMDB score as well as the Rotten Tomatoes critics and audience ratings.

This will hopefully give you a fuller picture on an art-house classic currently adorned with just one star by the less-than-patient Netflix users.

Download NEnhancer on Chrome web store

4. Make the most of subtitles

If you’re looking to delve further into Netflix’s foreign language offerings, then it can help to set up subtitles you can read. Simply click on the ‘Your Account’ section in the top menu, then scroll down to ‘My Profile’ and click ‘Subtitle Appearance’.

Now you’re free to change the font, colour, size and background of your foreign film subtitles – meaning you can concentrate more on the action.

5. Can’t find what you want? Try something similar

If you’re hunting out a specific show and it’s not in the library, don’t throw your smartphone in the bin and set in on fire.

Simply finish typing in the film you were looking for and explore ‘Titles related to’ – where Netflix suggests shows and movies with a similar flavour to the one you were after.

6. Watch with friends

If you’re a social movie-watcher who loves mulling over theories and discussing favourite characters, then the ‘Showgoers’ application is what you’re after. The app lets you live stream your film or TV show across the internet, connecting to friends with a web link so you can watch simultaneously.

There’s also a chat feature, so you can express your shock at plot twists without actually having to shout – as well as a simultaneous pause and play button in case you’re really lost about what’s going on.

You can download Showgoers for Netflix from the Chrome web store

7. Take a spin on the Netflix Roulette wheel

When the endless scrolling has become too much to bear, it’s time to leave it to the Gods Of Chance. Netflix roulette lets users randomly spin their way to the next viewing option.

You can tip the odds in your favour by entering a director, actor or keyword, as well as selecting the star rating range.

Take a spin at netflixroulette.net

8. Invest in socks

Want to never miss a moment of your favourite show, and keep those toes toasty at the same time?

Look no further.

‘Netflix Socks’ are an accessory designed by the streaming site themselves; using a pulse sensor in the socks to note when the user has dropped into slumber-land, and pausing the action as they do so. No more re-playing five episodes of House of Cards when you only made it through the first fifteen minutes each time.

The scientific feet warmers aren’t currently for sale, but the Netflix site has, erm, a helpful instruction guide in case you wanted to solder a pair together yourself.

(Note: Our engineering knowledge is not good enough for us to tell you whether this technology actually works)

Find out more at makeit.netflix.com

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