Leicester City movie is coming – and it’s being written by Oscar nominees
Jamie Vardy

Yes – it’s happening

When Leicester City capped off their fairytale football season in style and won the English Premier League this year, the world likened the story to something usually reserved for a Hollywood film.

Indeed, even we were guilty of speculating just who would take on the roles of the key players were a big screen adaptation ever to happen (Vinnie Jones as Nigel Pearson, anyone?).

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But now it seems that a dramatic interpretation of this real life sporting triumph is actually in the works, and it’s attached some pretty big names to it.

For a start, screenwriters Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson have signed on to pen a script for the movie.

You might not be overly familiar with their names, but the duo have experience with a similar rags-to-riches sporting story in The Fighter, the 2010 David O’Russell film which told the tale of down and out boxer Micky Ward making an unlikely comeback, and went on to be nominated for seven Oscars, winning two.

The Fighter

They’ll be co-writing with Adrian Butchart, who has previous footballing movie pedigree with experience on Goal: The Dream Begins. Producers Simon Egan and Gareth Ellis-Unwin (The King’s Speech) are also on board, so we could be looking at a half decent job here.

The film will reportedly centre around star striker Jamie Vardy, who enjoyed a meteoric rise from factory worker and non-league footballer to Premier League title winner, netting 24 goals and setting Premiership records along the way.

Talking to Deadline, Paul Tamasy said:

“Jamie Vardy’s and Leicester’s unlikely climb to the top of the Premier League represents everything we love in a movie.”

And with The Fighter on the writers’ CV, that only makes our prediction of Christian Bale taking on the lead role as Vardy all the more likely.

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