Google is trying to understand Scottish accents and needs your help
Burnistoun Voice Recognition

Google is looking to learn the local lingo and are willing to pay you to help them out. Braw.

An employee from the internet giant posted a notice on the Edinburgh Reddit, looking to recruit Scottish people for ‘speech data’ for Google.

The task involves saying a set of phrases and requires people to record themselves through Google Chrome:

“The task is recording voice prompts like “Indy now”, “Google what’s the time”. Each phrase takes around 3-5 seconds.”

Not quite a deep-dive into Scottish vernacular just yet then.

It’s a three-hour task, which has to be completed by August 6, and Google is offering payment for those selected to help out (£27 for adults and £30 for children).


Scottish accents and voice-recognition technology have not always been the best of pals, as viewed in various videos across YouTube.

Here’s a guy asking Siri to ‘create a reminder’ and instead being asked what ‘create Allemagne’ means…

Also, there’s no way we could end a story about Scottish accents without mentioning *that* Burnistoun sketch.

Scotland’s war with technology could be soon a thing of the past, if you’re willing to put in your three hours for the cause.


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