Xbox One S launches in UK: everything you need to know
Xbox S

A sleek new version of the Xbox One games console launches today in the UK

Billed by Microsoft as their “most advanced Xbox yet”, it’s hitting retailers around the nation as we speak – and getting gamers very excited indeed.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is it?

Rather than being an entirely new console, the Xbox One S is purportedly a “sleeker, slimmer and sharper” version of the existing Xbox One platform, packing more power and technical prowess despite being significantly smaller in size.

Why should I be excited?

At 40 per cent smaller than the standard Xbox One, the ‘S’ is a niftier, more compact proposition. And yet its specs seem to be something else.

The launch version packs a whopping 2TB of memory, making concerns about maintaining and culling your games library effectively irrelevant.

And it promises a more vivid playing experience too, at least visually, with Microsoft claiming its High Dynamic Range technology gives “richer, more luminous colours in games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3“.

It also offers 4K Ultra video support – four times the resolution of standard HD – which should lead to an eye-popping viewing experience when watching Netflix or Blu-ray movies on the system.

How much does it cost?

While bog standard Xbox One models have now dropped to the highly affordable £200-250 range, you’ll have to fork out a wee bit more for the Xbox One S.

The standard launch price is £349.99, though some retailers are offering it at a slightly reduced amount of around £330.

You may struggle to get one though, if this tweet from the Xbox games marketing chief is anything to go by:

It certainly seems like demand is sky-high for the shiny new version of the system. It’s worth bearing in mind that cheaper 1TB and 500GB versions are set to launch at a later date too.


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