The world’s ‘thinnest tower’ opens in Brighton tomorrow – and people aren’t happy
Credit: @FinnHopp // Twitter

‘The World’s Thinnest Tower’ might be a dubious claim to fame, but it’s exactly what Brighton‘s newest landmark is going for

The British Airways i360 Tower opens on Thursday (August 4), and stands in the spot once occupied by the entrance to the town’s ruined West Pier.

Fitting, as the architects behind the project – husband and wife duo David Marks and Julia Barfield, who already boast the London Eye in their portfolio – conceived the tower as a “vertical pier”.

The tower juts 161m up from the seafront below, and offers visitors to its 360-degree curved-glass pod views of up to 26 miles of Sussex coastline.

But, as always with forward-thinking architecture, the project has divided opinions.

There are those in love with it…

And those… not so much

The i360 officially opens to the public on August 4, with a spectacular firework display to be seen for miles around.

But it’s not just the world’s thinnest tower; the i360 also holds a number of other accolades.

Chief Executive of i360, Eleanor Harris, said:

“We have built the world’s first vertical cable car, the world’s tallest moving observation tower, the world’s most slender tower.

“We are putting Brighton on the map and promoting the city around the globe.”

What do you think of Brighton’s newest landmark?


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[Main image: Twitter // @FinnHop]