Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk film: everything we know so far
Dunkirk screenshot

Christopher Nolan – one of Hollywood’s most fiercely respected modern directors – has released a brand new teaser for his upcoming film, Dunkirk.

The World War Two epic isn’t due out until July 2017, but for now film fans have been blessed with the suspenseful one minute teaser.

Here it is:

As always with Nolan’s projects, which have ranged from Memento to Inception to the Dark Knight trilogy, there aren’t too many details to go on.

Just like his last film – 2014’s Interstellar – part of the fun is in waiting to see just exactly what will come out of it all.

But here’s what we do know so far.

One Direction fans will probably go mad for it

harry styles

The heavyweight cast has some pretty impressive names among its ranks, some of whom have worked with Nolan on previous films.

There’s Tom Hardy (last seen working with Nolan as Bane in Dark Knight Rises), Cillian Murphy (another previous Nolan collaborator), Oscar-winner Mark Rylance, the legendary Kenneth Branagh, and… One Direction‘s Harry Styles.

Yes, you read that right. The popstar will be making his big screen acting debut in Dunkirk, and if we know 1D fans they’ll go absolutely mad for it.

And we’re all secretly hoping he’s going to be amazing in it, aren’t we?

But they might not be able to see it…

Dunkirk screenshot

Nolan’s not exactly known for shying away from the grit in his films, and given that we know Dunkirk will be set during the titular World War II evactuation – which claimed over 68,000 lives – it’s possible it might not be a 12A movie.

Bad news for your average 1D’er. But of course, we don’t know yet what the age rating will be.

There’s going to be a pretty expensive action sequence

Dunkirk screenshot

Something else we’ve come to expect from Nolan is his penchant for keeping it old-skool; whether that’s practical effects or shooting onto actual film, he likes a certain authenticity in his films.

One story that raised the ire of World War II historians came to light in June, which suggested that the director had blown £3.8 million of the film’s budget on purchasing a real-life vintage plane from the era, which he planned to crash – for real – as part of the shooting.

There’s no doubt going to be explosive and spectacular scenes regardless. Shots of the production so far hint at amazing scale.

It has all the hallmarks of being another Nolan classic

Dunkirk screenshot

Not only has the director peppered the cast with proven collaborators, he’s also hooked up once more with composer Hans Zimmer, who has leant his musical prowess to the scores of many of Nolan’s films in the past.

That blaring re-imagining of Édith Piaf’s ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ in Inception? That was Zimmer. And one of the most prolific composers in Hollywood today is likely to add an equally epic soundtrack to Dunkirk.

Nolan is still a modern cinema great

Dunkirk screenshot

He’s come up with some of the most inventive Hollywood blockbusters in recent years, and with all the ingredients in place to suggest that trend will be continuing, we’re mighty excited to see what happens with Dunkirk.

But spare a thought for the fact that, not only is Nolan directing the film he also wrote the whole thing – as is his tradition – something quite uncommon for modern blockbuster directors.

Here’s hoping Nolan’s hard work and dedication will pay off.

We’re going to have an agonising wait for it

A year. A whole year.

While there’s been no release date set in stone just yet, it’s expected that Dunkirk will hit cinemas in July of next year. Hang in there guys; it’ll hopefully be worth the wait.


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