Why we need Viennetta on a stick in the UK
Viennetta on a stick 2

We don’t want to alarm you or anything, buts someone has evidently decided to make Viennetta on a stick a real life thing


Happy dance

Who’d have thought that after all those years of desperately trying to break the frozen chocolate on top of the ice cream with a teaspoon, eating Viennetta would be skillfully refined to the point where you can actually enjoy the thing without having to defrost it for 7 hours beforehand, or rev up that chainsaw?

This is the future, boys and girls.

We don't need roads

But now unfortunately, the bad news: you’re not currently able to buy Viennetta on a stick in the UK.

If you’re really desperate for a nostalgic nosh on one of these bad boys, there are shops currently selling it – in China and Malta.

Meanwhile, enthusiastic Aussies can also look forward to cooling down in the sun with the greatest invention known to man.

So, yeah, feel free to splash the cash and head abroad if you’re THAT addicted to the rich, creamy, crunchy taste of Viennetta, but it’ll probably cost you a bit more than a 99 Flake.

We grew up with this stuff, waited eagerly as our grandma lifted it out of the freezer just after Sunday lunch, and we despaired when she put it back down in favour of a box of fruit.

Did we suffer for nothing? Was it all in vain? Are the Australians really bigger Viennetta fans than we are?

There’s no word yet on when this fantastic triumph of human ingenuity will reach the sunny shores of Great Britain, so if you were looking forward to an ice cream binge before collapsing on your sofa, you’ve have to settle for a choc ice for now.

Fingers crossed it’ll land in Blighty soon…


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