Say hello to the Yorkshire wizard who’s banned muggles from his wand shop
Harry Potter wand shop

Contrary to popular belief, wizards are real – and they don’t like Harry Potter

That’s according to Richard Carter, the owner of a wand shop (yes, that’s right, an actual WAND shop) in Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire.

In fact, though Potter fans may be forgiven for thinking his premises is a real-life Ollivanders, Mr. Carter has allegedly gone as far as banning any customers who have been “Potterfied” – and refusing to serve them.

But I am the chosen one Harry Potter

Mystical Moments, an establishment in the West Yorkshire town, caters to anyone interested in the ‘powers’ of spiritual healing and teaching, as long as they’re not also an overly-enthusiastic follower of J.K. Rowling’s greatest work.

On the subject of this blatant muggle-bashing, Carter said:

“If I had someone come in wanting a wand just because they liked Harry Potter I would not sell them one, no matter how much they were offering.”

We wonder if he’d take Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans as substitute payment?

Alas Earwax

No doubt you’re currently lamenting your lack of a wand, and rue the day you ever picked up a Harry Potter book; how will you ever find out if you have magical powers now?

Well, according to Carter, you might unwittingly have attained the gift:

“You wouldn’t believe how many real witches and wizards there are knocking about. You would be amazed.

“They know they can come here and reveal themselves without people thinking they’re mental.”

So if you’ve been a wizard in hiding all this time, now’s your chance to finally reveal yourself without fear of prejudice! Hurrah!

Gandalf the White reveal

Carter set up the Britannia Road shop with the help of his wife, and claims that the wands he sells “can make spells, and are very good for healing”.

We’re not sure how much legitimate magic the average squib will be able to conjure with these wands, but they are, at the very least, very nice pieces of woodwork.

Be warned though, Richard Carter claims he can tell a Potter fan by their aura, so maybe an invisibility cloak is the only way to enter the shop undetected – they still sell them down at B&M don’t they?


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