The cast of The Full Monty: then and now
Full Monty

It’s a British classic, a cult smash and a feelgood film all rolled into one, and the cast of ’90s favourite The Full Monty have done interesting things since

Some have been Oscar nominated, others have been perennially trapped in tea time soap opera limbo.

But, 19-years later, just who has done what? We’ve looked in to the CVs of the six-strong stripper troupe to bring you the scoop on what they’ve all been up to. And some of them might just surprise you.

Robert Carlyle (Gaz)

The full monty robert carlyle gaz

Carlyle’s leading role in The Full Monty came off the back of his breakthrough role in Trainspotting a year earlier, itself a role off the back of his turns in UK comedy-mystery drama Hamish Macbeth.

This early career double whammy was followed up with appearances of varying importance in films like The World Is Not Enough, Angela’s Ashes, The Beach, The 51st State, Once Upon a Time in the Midlands, and Human Trafficking.

Recent roles haven’t been quite as substantial, but he did make his directorial debut last year with The Legend of Barney Thomson.

Of course, things have come full circle for Carlyle, who’s just wrapped up filming for Trainspotting 2, reprising his role as Begbie in the long-awaited sequel.

Robert Carlyle as Barney Thomson

Mark Addy (Dave)

the full monty mark addy

Gaz’s best mate and the first recruit to the cause, Addy’s not-so-fit paunch gave the character nerves about performing in the buff, despite his initial willingness.

Addy’s following film credits have been varied (Fred Flinstone in 2000’s The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas anyone?), though he has had parts in comedy favourites like A Knight’s Tale, alongside the late Heath Ledger.

TV is where Addy has really honed his craft in the following years, most notably in the world conquering Games Of Thrones, playing King Robert Baratheon. He also had a four year stint in CBS series Still Standing in the early 00s, as well as BBC America’s Atlantis a few years later.

Mark Addy on New Blood and Game Of Thrones

Steve Huison (Lomper)

Steve huison lomper full monty

Sheffield’s economic plight hits Lomper the hardest in the film, and he’s saved from a suicide attempt by Dave. All looks to be lost for the character, before the budding strippers reel him in and give him a purpose in life.

Huison moved to Coronation Street in the same year that The Full Monty hit cinema screens, and it would be in British soaps where he would stay for most of his career. Despite his Corrie character carrying the snigger-inducing name of Eddie Windass, he stuck around for four years and 190 episodes of the popular soap.

Since then Huison has appeared in Casualty, and has has guest-starred on shows like Scott & Bailey and Doctors.

Paul Barber (Horse)

the full monty horse paul barber

Horse, who belies his older years with some impressive dance moves during his audition, may already have been familiar with comedy fans when The Full Monty was released; actor Paul Barber had been playing Denzil in Only Fools and Horses since 1983.

He continued to do so until 2003, after which he began to branch out in to other television shows like Casualty, Doctors and a four-year stint on Coronation Street between 2004 – 2008.

Tom Wilkinson (Gerald)

the full monty tom wilkinson

Gerald once belittled the other guys as foreman of the now closed steel plant, but now everyone’s out of a job it’s a level playing field, and he needs the dancing just as much as the others.

Actor Tom Wilkinson has arguably had the most successful post-Monty career of the lot. The late 90s saw Wilkinson crop up in big names films like Shakespeare in Love and The Patriot, while the 00s brought my Hollywood film credits to his CV, including Girl with a Pearl Earring and blockbuster Batman Begins (with an excellent turn as gangster Falcone).

He’s been nominated for two Oscars too, for his roles in 2007’s Michael Clayton and 2001’s In The Bedroom.

He’s also starred opposite Judi Dench and Maggie Smith in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and appeared in two Best Picture Oscar nominees (Selma and The Grand Budapest Hotel).

Hugo Speer (Guy)

the full monty

Speer’s character can’t dance for toffee in the movie, but is let in to the group on account of his enviable looks.

Since The Full Monty days he’s been spotted acting alongside Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter, popped up regularly on Bleak House and other shows like Agatha Christie’s MarpleMidsomer Murders, and BBC America’s Musketeers.

Most surprisingly of all, Speer found himself in the sex-crazed Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1, opposite Charlotte Gainsbourg and Shia LaBeouf.


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