Six sensational new TV soundtracks you can buy
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Quality TV music is booming right now. And we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to new soundtracks on the market

Volume one of the Stranger Things soundtrack is released digitally tomorrow; a highly anticipated release ever since the Netflix series made its debut last month.

As producers pay more attention to making shows sound as atmospheric as they look, more and more small-screen music releases are becoming must-haves.

Here are six of the best TV soundtracks to listen to while your favourite show is off the air:

Game of Thrones game of thrones

The season six soundtrack is being released in a special etched 3-disc vinyl set on September 30. And composer Ramin Djawadi has outdone himself this year, creating soundscapes to match the most epic show on TV.

If you can’t wait for the special vinyl release, it’s available now for digital download and on CD.

Twin Peakstwin peaks 1

In the run up to next year’s brand new Twin Peaks series, Mondo Tees is reissuing and remastering Angelo Badalamenti’s original score from 25 years ago.

It comes pressed on ‘Damn Good Coffee’ coloured vinyl and features artwork approved by David lynch. Nice.

Empireempire soundtrack season 2

In the short time that Empire has been around, the show has released three original soundtrack albums, produced by none other than hit-maker Timbaland, who seems to turn every record he touches into gold.

The show is coming back for it’s third season on September 21, so expect new music to be released on iTunes weekly with each new episode.

True Detectivetrue

HBO’s hottest new show for years was commended for both its sleek visuals and blues influenced soundtrack by T. Bone Burnett.

While season 2 split audiences and critics in terms of story, the soundtrack is fantastic, with original songs from Lera Lynn and more electronic influenced tracks from Burnett. You can get Season 1’s soundtrack on CD and digital, Season 2’s soundtrack is currently available on iTunes.


A relatively new show that hasn’t yet finished airing its first season, Roadies is a rock orientated saga created by Cameron Crowe, director of 2000’s Almost Famous.

The show stars Luke Wilson, and in a similar vein to his other rock n’ roll dramedy, is about roadies following a band on tour. The soundtrack oozes cool indie rock with songs by Frightened Rabbit and Best Coast, but also veteran rockers Lindsay Buckingham and Eddie Vedder. Roadies is available to watch via Amazon Prime and the soundtrack will be released on iTunes and CD on August 26.

Stranger Things Vol.1 & 2Stranger Things OST

The directors of the show were fans of Austin band S U R V I V E before production on the show started, using their music in the original pitch they made to Netflix.

Michael Stein of the band has said they had a clear vision of making the soundtrack fit with the show’s aesthetic, and the results are spellbinding.

Volume one is out on August 12 and on CD September 16, while Volume Two releases digitally August 19 and on CD September 23. It’s a shame there is no vinyl or even a tape release for this soundtrack to give full on fan service for nostalgia lovers, but maybe that’s something they can get around to when they make the second season…


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