Scottish brewery launches virtual reality tasting experience
Innis and Gun VR couple

Experience real life beer goggles with new VR option

If you’ve ever supped a refreshing pint in your local and found yourself wishing you were somewhere else, then Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn has the answer: Immersive & Gunn.

Hi-tech virtual reality headsets have been installed in two bars, offering customers the opportunity to escape into landscapes inspired by the flavour profiles of two brews.

Innis and Gunn pint

According to the brewers, by immersing the drinker in this world, “sight and sound senses will be stimulated and the taste of the beers will be heightened”.

Those drinking the Original beer will experience dense forestry, “connecting the brain with the oak-aged tones within the beer, before transitioning to a sunset which shifts the focus to its sweetness”.

For the Lager, wide water landscapes trigger the brain to focus on its refreshment characteristics, telling the drinker that the pint tastes smoother than they first thought.

Dougal Gunn Sharp, Master Brewer and Founder at Innis & Gunn said:

“This year we’ve seen Virtual Reality amusement parks, house viewings and food tastings so we were fascinated to explore how this incredible technology would impact our beers. By accessing the wilderness of Scotland we’re playing with the way people consume our beers, when we are no longer confined to the physical space we occupy, the possibilities for innovation are endless.”

The VR sets can be found in Innis & Gunn’s Edinburgh and Dundee Beer Kitchens from 11-16 August, before moving to London’s Brewhouse Highbury and Brewhouse Islington plus in Glasgow’s Tabac and Bier Halle – visit for more details.


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