Spotify launches video game music playlists

It’s all well and good blowing things up and slaying dragons on a daily basis, but without epic background music, it means nothing

Thankfully, we’ve been treated to some extremely satisfying video game soundtracks in recent times (we’re looking at you Fallout 4… and Metal Gear Solid 5… and The Witcher 3…), and now, you can enjoy some of the most beloved gaming scores in one place.

Dumb and Dumber that sounds good

Spotify have recently rolled out a whole host of video game soundtracks for you to listen to at your leisure, and they’ve even gone to the trouble of making up a special selection of playlists especially for it, meaning we’ve now got a one-stop shop for everything from epic action anthems to the Super Mario Bros. theme tune – currently available on a temporary guest playlist put together by GameBeat’s Mike Minotti.

Tell us that isn’t awesome.

From 1985’s 8-bit masterpiece, to 2016’s latest innovative indie game No Man’s Sky, the playlist salutes decades of sonic gaming accomplishments, so hopefully it’s going to take you a few long playthroughs to really get bored of it.

If you’re wanting to deviate from Spotify’s selected playlist, that’s no problem. The music service has provided an encyclopedic library of original gaming soundtracks that you can scroll through at your leisure.

If you’re planning on going straight to the Vice City soundtrack, it’s here.

Ross Geller clapping

Presumably the library will be regularly updated as Spotify rotate the ‘guest playlists’ on offer, so the range of video game-based music on offer should continue to widen.

You can easily access all of the gaming-related Spotify playlists right here, and yes, it might take us half the day, but we’re determined to listen to the collective soundtracks of every single Halo game in one epic marathon.

In the meantime, here’s the Uncharted 4 soundtrack to whet your appetite.


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