Why is Robert Downey Jr in talks with True Detective’s creator?
Robert Downey Jr

Ultra-smooth charisma factory Robert Downey Jr may be about to step into his first major TV role since Ally McBeal 

According to Variety, the Iron Man actor is in talks with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto concerning an HBO drama.

Intriguing, for sure.

Could he be set for True Detective?

A third season of the high-profile crime show has been in doubt following the divisive second series, even though Matthew McConaughey has said he’d be open to returning.

But the drama has become known for its interesting casting choices, placing notable big screen faces in compelling roles, and a catch like Downey Jr could certainly revive its fortunes.

Just imagine the star turning in a performance like his role in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Kiss Kiss bang bang gif

Unfortunately for True Detective enthusiasts, however, it seems that this is probably not the case.

Sources are suggesting that Pizzolatto is considering writing an entirely new series for Downey Jr – and that it will be a Perry Mason reboot.

Wait – Perry who?

Perry Mason was a legal drama that ran on US television in the late 50s and through much of the 60s, following the eponymous defence lawyer as he fought to clear the names of accused, innocent clients.

He was the ultimate lawyer/investigator hybrid, often unraveling complex conspiracies and nefarious murder cases.

Downey Jr has reportedly been keen to revive Mason’s character for some time – and even tried to get a movie off the ground with Warner Bros several years ago.

It seems he could now be about to star in a new take on the show with Pizzolatto. And with him as the star and the creator of True Detective penning the scripts, it could be an interesting combination.

Can we expect it soon?

It would appear to be early days yet, with neither party willing to comment so far.

But things move fast in the TV world these days, so expect to hear more soon if it gets the green light.


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