This vegan square sausage is tearing Glasgow apart
Vegan Square Sausage, Rose & Grants

No longer do meat-averse Glaswegians have to slum it with a link. The square vegan sausage has finally arrived.

Scottish vegans may have felt they were being cheated by the sheer lack of local fare which they could enjoy.

The battered Mars Bar and macaroni pie are a dairy nightmare, while haggis is a little too sheepish for them to stomach.

But now, a cafe in Glasgow’s Merchant City has reimagined the iconic square sausage as a vegan breakfast item.

Rose & Grants on Trongate launched their new vegan menu last week, and the vegan square sausage proved to be a popular edition.

And a shocking one.

People were going crazy for this new twist on a classic, with comments such as “Vegan square sausage. GAME CHANGER” and “Vegan square sausage! I think I just shed a tear of joy”.

But not everyone was happy.

News of this vegan breakfast number made its way to the Glasgow Reddit page, where some asked if this went against God’s plans for a meaty square treat:

“You eat celery and humus and be f***ing content with your life choices!”

“Square something like sausage you mean?

We could see this deep philosophical discussion rumbling on for some time.


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