Now Edinburgh is claiming the vegan square sausage as its own
Vegan Lorne Sausage Edinburgh - Square Sausage from Breakfast Brunch and Lunch

Yesterday we brought you the news that a Glasgow café has added vegan square sausage to their menu, but it looks like an Edinburgh establishment already beat them to it.

We spoke to Allan White of Edinburgh’s Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch café, who claims to have invented this vegan culinary delight back in February 2013.

It originally started life as a vegetarian square sausage (or is it lorne sausage – who knew this breakfast item was so controversial?), which Allan experimented with whilst making vegetarian and vegan link sausages for the café.

“I produce all of my own link and lorne and therefore wanted to be able to provide our regular vegan and vegetarian customers with the same high quality standard and variety of food. The recipe was trial and error at first but over the years I have managed to find a consistency and flavour that people love.”

The vegan lorne sausages have proved very popular with Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch’s customers, and last weekend the vegan options outsold their popular Scottish breakfast for the first time.

As well as getting great reviews on vegan forums and Facebook pages, customers have flocked from all across Edinburgh and beyond to try the vegan square sausages.

“The best thing is that it has also gone down a storm with meat eaters who say they can’t tell the difference,” Allan says.

As well as the vegan lorne sausages, Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch also offer a wide variety of vegan breakfast and lunch options – from vegan kebabs to vegan mince and tatties.

When we asked whether Edinburgh or Glasgow makes the best vegan lorne sausage, Allan told us “absolutely Edinburgh!”.

What do you think of this controversial breakfast treat? Should it be veganised or stay meaty? And is it square sausage or lorne sausage? Join in the debate on Facebook and Twitter.


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