Snatch TV series could be the British Fargo
Snatch boxing scene

Snatch, the Guy Ritchie gangster movie that had Brad Pitt bare knuckle boxing, Vinnie Jones shouting and Benicio Del Toro sitting in a room with a bag on his head, is getting a TV show adaptation

Sony have announced they would be producing the show for their free streaming service Crackle, which is currently not available in the UK, but told The Independent they would “probably” make it available for British audiences “at some stage”.

Timing uncertainties aside, that’s quite exciting.

There’s something about Ritchie’s 2000 cockney-gangster romp that reminds us of the dark, comedic and stylish crime dramas of recent times: the TV adaptation of Fargo in particular.

A small-screen spin-off of Snatch can do for Britain what Fargo did for the States. Here’s why.

It’s funny

Who took the jam out of your doughnut

For a story that involves a great deal of cold blooded murder, Fargo doesn’t do a bad job of keeping the audience’s spirits up with the occasional laugh.

Snatch is exactly the same, and if the series remains loyal to the gritty, working class nature of the original movie, we could be in for something really special.

It’s dark too

Snatch holdup scene

It’s not all fun and games though (thank the heavens). The comedy in Snatch is succinct and delicate, and should be treated as a light relief.

For the most part, we’re watching ruthless gangsters tear each other apart in increasingly barbaric ways, so the writers should have no problem drawing on inspiration for gritty scenes.

Fargo employs a similar tactic when dealing with drama. Most of the time, Billy Bob Thornton’s scheming assassin isn’t doing all that much, but when he is doing something, you can be sure there’s going to be blood.

There’s no hero

Bricktop crazy

Granted, Molly Solverson is as close to a ‘hero’ as you’re going to get, but the Fargo TV series is full of morally murky characters; from complex, ambiguous anti-heroes, to outright dastardly villains.

Snatch as a movie was much the same. Even though many of its key players were charismatic, even likable, there were plenty of darker aspects to them – even Turkish himself.

Just as Fargo is a show about criminals running rampant on the innocent, and the innocent becoming corrupted, Snatch could easily take on similar themes on British soil.


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