21 albums you won’t want to miss this Autumn
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It’s been an excellent year for music so far

But what of the remaining few months? As the nights draw in and the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, you’re going to need some musical empowerment to help you through.

Never fear. Here are 21 extremely exciting albums coming out in September, October and November that you won’t want to miss:

Beach Baby – No Mind No Money

Released: September 2

We start with the debut LP from London indie-slackers Beach Baby, who are sure to keep the summer vibes rolling into autumn.

Jamie T – Trick

Released: September 2

The always eclectic Mr. T is back again with his fourth album after successfully rekindling his career in 2014.

The Wimbledon native has been surprisingly prolific since, and he’ll be celebrating album four with three nights at Brixton Academy. Surely a sign he’s “made it”?

Jack White – Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016

Released: September 9

Other artists would be lambasted for cynically dredging up ‘unreleased’ gems from their past, but when White and his Third Man Records turn out releases as genuinely insightful as this, you can’t help but be intrigued.

Sure to feature delicate early versions of Jack White classics.

M.I.A. – A.I.M.

mia aim artwork

Released: September 9

The always outspoken M.I.A. has been in a spot of hot water recently with London’s Afropunk festival (and, more bizarrely, the Paris Saint-Germain football team), but it’s in her music where she’s always shouted loudest.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

Released: September 9

The always masterful Nick Cave is back with album number 16 (!) with his Bad Seeds, and this one comes with the added bonus of being released with the film One More Time with Feeling, being screened for one night only the night before the album’s release.

Teenage Fanclub – Here

Released: September 9

With a career spanning nearly 30 years, Teenage Fanclub have been the consistantly rigid backbone of the UK’s indie scene.

Eleventh album Here looks to continue this trend, and will no doubt meld pop melodies with achingly cool indie as the Scots have done countless times before.

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Pretty Years

New album Pretty Years out 9/16 via @sinderlyn – listen to "Wish" now via Pitchfork (link in bio)

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Released: September 16

If you’re more into your American indie-rock, pay attention to Cymbals Eat Guitars, who come loaded with a Lou Reed quote for a name, and sound like Pavement having a BBQ with, well… Lou Reed.

Pretty Years will no doubt brighten things up as the evenings start to draw in.

Deap Vally – Femejism

Released: September 16

The always rambunctious Deap Vally dump only their second album into the world this September, and it promises to be more of the explosive blues-rock we’ve come to expect from the LA two-piece.

Die Antwoord – Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid


Released: September 16

When they’re not accusing Suicide Squad of “jocking” their style, South Africa’s Die Antwoord are releasing aggro-rap records which are as unnervingly unhinged as they are terrifyingly abrasive.

This one features the sure-to-be-hit singles ‘Wings On My Penis’ and ‘U Like Boobies?’ Really.

God Damn – Everything Ever

Released: September 23

This Wolverhampton duo might just pip Deap Vally in the decibels stakes.

There’s obviously a lot of heavy rock heritage in their hometown, and it shows in the music; an exhilarating cross between Black Sabbath-style rock and 90s grunge. Bring ear defenders.

Warpaint – Heads Up

Released: September 23

It’s hard to believe Warpaint have been going since 2004, what with their fresh sound that mixes traditional indie-rock with more experimental, psych elements.

Heads Up is only their third album proper, and will no doubt continue their steady rise to the indie pantheon.

Pixies – Head Carrier

Released: September 30

Veritable alt-rock royalty, Head Carrier is Pixie’s second album since their 2004 reformation, and their first with new bassist Paz Lenchantin.

Can she replace Kim Deal? Probably not, but Deal wasn’t on Indie Cindy either and that turned out OK.

Slaves – Take Control

slaves take control album artwork cropped

Released: September 30

Slaves set-up is pretty simplistic (guitar + drums + shouting), and as such what’s been showcased from new album Take Control wouldn’t have sounded out of place on any of their previous two.

That’s not a bad thing though; the boys have an unusual knack for a hook among their grotty punk tracks.

The Wytches – All Your Happy Life

the wytches all your happy life album artwork cropped

Released: September 30

The Wytches have been mighty prolific since debut album Annabel Dream Reader back in 2014 with EPs, new band members and all sorts going on.

Hopefully their hard work will pay off, with All Your Happy Life releasing a lot later than setlists suggested.

Green Day – Revolution Radio

green day revolution radio album art cropped

Released: October 7

Whether you still dig Green Day’s high concept pop-punk or whether you think it’s time they called it a day is up to you, but there’s no denying a new release from Billie Joe Armstrong and co is a big deal.

This one’s inspired by the “current state of chaos” in America. In the year of Trump, this could be the perfect antidote.

Jagwar Ma – Every Now & Then

Released: October 14

No, the Australian psych scene hasn’t gone anywhere while you weren’t looking and yes, Jagwar Ma are still at the very forefront of it.

Every Now & Then will be their first album since their relocation to these British Isles, but that shouldn’t take away from their music, which fuses dance with baggy into a delectable genre smoothie.

Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

two door cinema club gameshow album art cropped

Released: October 14

Two Door Cinema Club went away as chirpy indie-pop types and seem to have returned as one of the world’s biggest bands in a matter of years.

They’re off touring the world and playing in front of huge crowds in Korea, and have an almighty following. It’s easy to see why, with genuinely catchy tracks mingling with experimentation and fresh ideas.

Crocodiles – Dreamless

dreamless crocodiles albuim art cropped

Released: October 21

Like an American Jesus and Mary Chain, Crocodiles play fuzzy, high-energy pop songs masked behind a four-chord simplicity and bursts of feedback. This’ll be their sixth album in almost as many years.

Hooton Tennis Club – Big Box Of Chocolates

hooton tennis club big box of chocolates album art cropped

Released: October 21

The Hootons only released their debut album Highest Point In Cliff Town last year, and already they’re back with album number two. That first record leaned heavily on a Pavement influence, and Big Box Of Chocolates looks to do the same, but with a few twists thrown in for good measure.

Honeyblood – Babes Never Die


Released: October 28

A band of two halfs. One minute, they’ll be cooing your face off with some delicately sung twee, and the next a buzzsaw guitar will be gunning for your ear drums.

Songs that on the surface sound sweet, but reveal darker meanings after some digging, are the order of the day here.

Metallica – Hardwired…To Self-Destruct


Released: November 18

25 years after their classic Black Album, Metallica are back with their first record in eight years.

Sure, they might not be revolutionising metal as they once did, but these veterans still know how to craft a song or two. Expect riffs. Lots of riffs.


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