British coffee guide: the best places for your caffeine fix in the UK

We’ve scoured the British Isles for the very coolest, cosiest and smartest coffee shops we could find, to make sure you never have to settle for a sub-standard caffeine fix ever again.

Now you just have to decide what you’re having.


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Edinburgh certainly isn’t short of impressive coffee houses. Brew Lab on South College Street is but one of many destinations for avid lovers of a good caffeine kick, and for something slightly more eclectic, you can always hop over to the South African stop, The Caffeine Drip.


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Glasgow’s no slouch when it comes to good java either, with Peña Cafe on Eton Lane alone providing enough style to wow even veteran drinkers. For a more mellow experience, Roast Cafe on Argyle street should suffice.


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Lancashire’s capital boasts a sack full of excellent coffee stops, but non deserve more recognition than the non-profit cafe Honest Coffee. That being said, the quaint Anchor Coffee House offers just as much in the way of sleep-blasting beverage.


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Mrs Artha’s rustic decor and wide variety of edible goodies is really something for Leeds locals to take pride in. If that isn’t enough for you, there’s even more gourmet joy to be found on the Water Lane-based Out of the Woods Coffee.


The city of steel isn’t shy of showing its artsy side, evidenced partly by the massive selection of barista bases available to residents and visitors alike. Cafe des Amis on Chesterfield Street, The Grind Cafe on Green Lane and Marmadukes Cafe Deli down Norfolk Row all stand testament.


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Granted, the capital has an abundance of cool coffee stops, but the self-professed artisan roasters at Climpson and Sons are definitely up there with the best of them. Classy caffeine doesn’t end there, though, as proven by the likes of Flat White Cafe and Monmouth Coffee – all fantastic choices for your daily fix.


There aren’t many UK residents who can boast that they’ve enjoyed a deliciously Danish style cup of coffee, apart from regulars of the Brød cafe in Cardiff, that is. For something a little stronger, Artigiano doubles as a wine bar by night, in addition to dishing out dashingly delicious lattes throughout the day.


Pink Lane coffee house in Newcastle caters for busy commuters, as it’s located opposite the central station and does a great cup of black coffee if you’re looking to blow away the cobwebs on a morning, and Blakes on Grey Street can offer you sweet-toothed coffee aficionados something a little more indulgent.


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The lusciously named Roll for the Soul attracts hordes of pedestrians passing through the city of Bristol, partly because of its unique location, and partly because it’s brunch heaven.

With everything from quality cakes to savoury wraps, you’ll get all your mid-morning needs right there, but we still recommend you try Playground Coffee on St Nicholas Street – if not for the great coffee, go for the kooky rope swing seating.


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The Nordic Coffee collective in Brighton pushes the boundaries when it comes to snacking, as you can see from the picture above. Luckily though, their luminous baking doesn’t hinder the quality of their food, or their coffee for that matter.

We can’t go on without mentioning the charming Presuming Ed Coffee House, which has tables made form paperback books and guests DJs on the weekends to add a bit of entertainment to your java break.


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When talking Pompey coffee, the seaside-themed Lucile’s Creperie literally cannot be left out –  the Marmion Road establishment is certainly one of the more stylish houses on this list.

If it’s more of a musical accompaniment you’re after, Pie & Vinyl on Castle Street serves as a record cafe for the people of Portsmouth, and also happens to dish up a pretty impressive cup of coffee, as well as a cracking pie.

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