What is Tim Hortons and why should I be excited?
Tim Hortons

The Canadian diner chain has announced that it’s preparing to branch out across Britain, and people are excited, but why?

The Tim Horton restaurant chain is set to come to various locations across the UK and plenty of people are excited about the prospect of dunking doughnuts and sipping back lattes.

The chain will be working with an investor to open stores in England, Scotland and Wales and said in an email statement that it hopes to become a ‘market leader’.

Whilst some are victoriously fist-pumping away, others are letting out a massive ‘huh?’ as to what all the fuss is about.

Here’s a handy explainer to one of Canada’s biggest fast-food chains.

What is Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

A doughnut and coffee shop launched in Hamilton, Ontario back in 1964, which grew into one of the Canada’s biggest chains. In fact, the Canadians love it so much that it’s kicking Starbucks ass in terms of share of the coffee market in the country.

The company has now spread to 4,413 locations worldwide, serving coffee, doughnuts, hot snacks, salads, soups and breakfast buns.

Who is/was Tim Horton?

The founder (along with businessman Jim Charade) and a former professional hockey player. Horton played for a number of the NHL’s biggest teams, including Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers, before retiring to build a doughnut empire.

Tim Horton

Tim Hortons

For a UK equivalent, think Rio Ferdinand starting a sandwich shop and becoming a business mogul.

Horton died tragically in a car crash in 1974, but his name lives on in the popular franchise.

What are the menu highlights?

The stand-out option, according to our Canadians sources, are the Timbits. Bit-sized dough balls filled with a multitude of fillings including apple fritter, honey dip and chocolate glazed.

We could see these getting seriously addictive.

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You get any other interesting trivia?

Do we ever!?

Tim Hortons invented the ‘double-double’ coffee order (two cream and two sugars), which was immortalised in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary in 2004.

Also, if you find yourself really enjoying your Timbits, you can book a trip to the Tim Hortons Museum in Hamilton. Home of the original store.

Let’s see how good the breakfast menu is first, shall we?


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