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What it's really like to have a famous name

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to get an original email address, Twitter handle or username these days. And that’s if you have a bog-standard, everyday name. But can you imagine sharing your name with Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams or Will Smith? All of which are, in essence, perfectly ‘normal’ names. Not only would it …

Virals November 13, 2015

Noel Gallagher and Beyoncé to appear on new Coldplay album

Coldplay have confirmed details of their upcoming album A Head Full of Dreams, which will be released on December 4. But the most unexpected news was that the record will feature a guest appearance from Noel Gallagher. Well maybe not quite so unexpected. Despite coming from opposing ends of the indie rock spectrum, the former …

Music News November 6, 2015

Grace Jones isn’t impressed by today’s pop stars

Grace Jones‘ memoir I’ll Never Write My Memoirs is due for release on September 29 – and the Jamaican legend isn’t pulling any punches. An extract from the book published in Time Out made for an interesting preview of what’s to come in the highly-anticipated autobiography. The iconic singer criticises the state of modern pop music, calling stars like Beyoncé, …

Music News September 10, 2015
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