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13 of the best alternative film events this Autumn

Is the thought of a conventional cinema visit leaving you uninspired? Don’t fancy moping in the multiplex? Why not take a look at these brilliant alternative cinema events – and feel inspired to get back in front of the silver screen. Doc n’ Roll Festival [Photo: Getty] Looking to find an audience of those who love documentary …

8 of the best bad movies

From hilarious horrors to dreadful dramas, Mark Butler picks out eight of the most entertainingly terrible films of all time. [Mark Wahlberg looks rightly concerned in The Happening] The Room (2003) Dubbed the “Citizen Kane of bad movies”, this unintentionally hysterical melodrama from writer, director and star Tommy Wiseau has deservedly become a cult sensation. Sub-plots involving life-threatening illness and a violent drug dealer …

Film What's On May 10, 2013